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    Info needed regarding Short Service Commission (Navy)

    Hi there! I have recently completed my Aerospace Engineering and I applied for Navy Short service commission in operations branch SSG ! I have few questions regarding this branch. What is the rank of sub lieutenant in Navy? How they induct candidates in SSG (Does training start from the first...
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    Pakistani Pakhtoon

    I dont want my Teen Age Queen Just Give me my rifle AK 47 If i die in a battle zone Box me up and send me home Put my medals on my chest Tell my Mom i did my best Tell my Love ones not to cry I was a pakhtoon Born to Die Young Born Warrior Died Victorious Pakhtoon...
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    I am a Pakhtoon!

    "I AM A PAHTOON" kill me and call it "A MISTAKE" Imprison me and call it "SECURITY MEASURE" Exile my people and masses and call it "PROGRESS" Declare my leaders as the enemy of our country and call it "GUILTY OF TREASON" Rob my rights, invade my land, declare me as terrorist and...
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    Your all time favourite moivie

    Lord of the flies... its really awesome:cheers:
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    Last Movie You Watched

    :guns:Saving private ryan:guns:

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