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  1. desiman

    Costs Benefits of Afghan War for Pakistan

    The Soviet Afghan War - Many Pakistanis consider that to be a moment where Pakistan defeated USSR and which supposedly led to the breakup of the USSR. Lets first study and see if that is true. Secondly, who was the real loser in the war, please read the following article to see the huge...
  2. desiman

    Pakistan: The world capital of suicide bombings

    Amir Mir in Islamabad As things stand, it appears that the suicide bombers who were originally designed by the Pakistani establishment to rip apart the 'enemies of Islam and Pakistan' are now exploding themselves inside their own country. In short, it appears that the Pakistani chickens have...
  3. desiman

    When Indian and Chinese troops saved Hong Kong from Japan

    On a trail to discover the footprints of Indian troops in China in the last two centuries, a senior Indian military official has stumbled upon many instances when Indian sepoys fought alongside the Chinese against foreign invasion. The presence of Indian troops in China under Portuguese and...
  4. desiman

    Boeing: Order from India to save Long Beach jobs

    LOS ANGELES—There was excitement at Boeing's Long Beach C-17 assembly plant on Monday after word that a $4 billion order from India for 10 of the giant cargo jets was hours away from two final signatures. "The plant is abuzz. We knew the order was in the works. The extra planes will get us...
  5. desiman

    Pakistanis Want The Government to Facilitate The Islamization

    http://www.gallup.com.pk/Polls/31-05-11.pdf Interesting Read.
  6. desiman

    5 Ridiculous Things You Probably Believe About Islam

    A conservative commentator recently made headlines by claiming 10 percent of all of the world's Muslims are terrorists. An amazing claim, considering that equals 150 million terrorists and if each were to pull off an attack killing just 40 people, they could exterminate all non-Muslim life on...
  7. desiman

    US Military: Libyan Air Force Destroyed

    A senior U.S. military officer said on Wednesday that coalition strikes on Libya appear to have destroyed the country's air force, while not causing any known civilian casualties. Rear Admiral Gerard Hueber, chief of staff of Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn, spoke to reporters at the Pentagon...
  8. desiman

    Calamity Kamran seems undroppable

    How to approach this politely? Ian Chappell was pretty polite. "If his batting was as good as Don Bradman's," he said on air, "he couldn't score enough runs to make up for what he costs them with his keeping." Osman Samiuddin in Pallekele Kamran Akmal will be under intense scrutiny after his...
  9. desiman

    Pakistan is a State governed by fear

    Pakistan is a State governed by the fear of the irrational clergy and even more irrational extremist organisations, says B Raman At a time when winds of change have been sweeping across many Islamic countries with calls for greater freedom and democracy, winds of hatred continue to sweep across...
  10. desiman

    Youths protest against democracy

    LAHORE: Some 150 youths gathered at the Liberty roundabout on Sunday in a protest organised via social networking site Facebook, to demand that Pakistan scrap its democratic political system and replace it with an “Islamic” system of governance. It was the third consecutive week that Youth 4...
  11. desiman

    Pakistan - Running out of Bargaining Chips

    Please watch this video where two of Pakistan's most well known think tanks talk about where Pakistan stands in the world today, interesting and insightful, please comment.
  12. desiman

    Does democracy hinder economic growth?

    Interesting take on things, please watch and comment.
  13. desiman

    Tejas successfully test fires R-73 missiles

    Tejas successfully test fires R-73 missiles India's indigenous Light Combat Aircraft Tejas has successfully completed air-to-air close combat missile firing tests, ahead of its clearance for induction into the Indian Air Force. The tests for firing of R-73 missiles took place at the INS Hansa...
  14. desiman

    Pakistan: after the flood comes anger

    YouTube - Pakistan: after the flood comes anger
  15. desiman

    The 5 Most Epic One Man Rampages In the History Of War

    When pushed too far, some men shut down completely, cry or rail against the unjust God that inflicted such dire times upon them. And some men, when they reach their breaking points as human beings, opt instead to transcend the limitations of the human form, channel hellfire through their palms...
  16. desiman

    retweet20 Future Shock: the Pakistan version

    For much too long, fans of the team have had to brace for shock and horror. Let's give them advance warning, shall we? Imran Yusuf The shock appointment of Misbah-ul-Haq as Pakistan captain follows years of heart-quickening and soul-destroying surprises for followers of the team. What...
  17. desiman

    Pak shouldn't seek nuke deal with US, says Burns

    Former Under Secretary of State in the Bush Administration, Nicholas Burns has rubbished Pakistan's request for a civilian nuclear deal similar to India's saying," The AQ Khan network was the mother of all nuclear technology proliferators and Islamabad had some chutzpah to even make such a...
  18. desiman

    ICC says no list of IPL players under scanner

    ICC says no list of IPL players under scanner The International Cricket Council on Wednesday refuted media reports that 29 players who participated in the Indian Premier League are under the scanner of its Anti-Corruption and Security Unit for suspected match-fixing or spot-fixing. "In...
  19. desiman

    A nation in denial

    A nation in denial Pakistan’s failure to evolve as a stable and civilized society with a viable political system relates to some fundamental contradictions with deep roots in its history. It needs to come to terms with and recognize what may be unpleasant facts that have contributed to...
  20. desiman

    Share Email 6 New Personality Disorders Caused by the Internet

    The Internet makes people crazy. We all know this. The guy on the message board who just called you a shitclown for owning a different video game console than him probably would have been perfectly polite had you met in real life. In fact, we're thinking it's time they updated the psychological...

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