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  1. Bhairava

    Liberals are compromising the war against ****** terror

    http://goo.gl/Et3NH If Akbaruddin Owaisi, who had been arrested and subsequently released on bail for making a hate speech in December 2012, is to be believed, there would have been no jehadi terrorism in India if the Babri Masjid had not been demolished or Muslims massacred or raped in...
  2. Bhairava

    Mumbai violence: Man who desecrated Amar Jawan memorial held

    Mumbai violence: Man who desecrated Amar Jawan memorial held Excellent. Now I say hand them over to the Indian Muslim community for them to judge. Any judgement from their side would be acceptable to me.
  3. Bhairava

    Raj Thackeray to hold rally in Mumbai

    Never had a very big opinion on Raj, but this time I support him and wishing it to be a grand success and also completely peaceful. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/Police-allow-Raj-Thackeray-to-hold-rally-in-Mumbai/articleshow/15574057.cms
  4. Bhairava

    TWIST IN THE TALE - Secular politics is harming the Bodo minority in Assam

    Mods...could not find the assam thread. Please merge it. Twist in the tale
  5. Bhairava

    Nalanda - World's oldest university recreated

    Nalanda - World's oldest university recreated :thumb: Nalanda: It is the world's oldest university and after centuries, is now set to be recreated. Nalanda in Bihar, a renowned seat of learning and excellence 800 years ago, will soon stand tall again - this time as a truly international...
  6. Bhairava

    Hizb chief Salahuddin warns Pakistan against withdrawing support on Kashmir

    Hizb chief Syed Salahuddin warns Pakistan against withdrawing support on Kashmir - The Times of India Indian Armed forces have an excellent track record combating these thugs in kashmir and we would be glad to give tips to Pak armed forces in case he carries out his threat...:coffee:
  7. Bhairava

    IPL much bigger than BPL, says Tanvir

    IPL much bigger than BPL, says Tanvir: Cricketnext :lol:
  8. Bhairava

    Pakistani embassy website hacked by ICA

    Pakistan Embassy
  9. Bhairava

    Japan firm's map shows Tibet as part of India

    Taipei: A map drawn by a Japanese firm shows Tibet as part of India. The cartograph also shows China's southwestern Yunnan province as belonging to India, according to the web news portal wantchinatimes.com on Monday. The map was made by Daiwa Securities Group as part of its business proposal...
  10. Bhairava

    Top Maoist leader Kishenji killed !

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------- CoBRAS strike. :tup: ---------- Post added at 02:45 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:43 AM ---------- CRPF confirms the story. Bloody end for Maoist leader Kishenji, CRPF kills him in Bengal - Hindustan...
  11. Bhairava

    Sirajuddin Haqqani dares US to attack N Waziristan

    Sirajuddin Haqqani dares US to attack N Waziristan – The Express Tribune ISLAMABAD: While the United States, ever more strident, is ratcheting up pressure on Pakistan to snap its “ties with the Haqqani network”, the group’s chief Sirajuddin Haqqani on Friday warned...
  12. Bhairava

    India cannot always be at odds with Pakistan

    India cannot always be at odds with Pakistan – The Express Tribune Excellent reply from Mr.Narayanan. I think MMS's emotional bonds with his land of birth is clouding his opinion regarding Pakistan and as Mr.Narayanan said "We no longer share a destiny". Our destinies are different...
  13. Bhairava

    Lashkar chief operational commander killed in Sopore encounter

    Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) suffered a major setback on Tuesday when security forces shot dead its chief operational commander Abdullah Uni in a gunfight in Sopore town of north Kashmir's Baramulla district. "The top LeT commander Abdullah Uni is dead," Superintendent of Police...
  14. Bhairava

    NIA traces FICN to Pakistani mint and mulls naming Pakistan officially.

    NIA traces fake Indian currency to Pakistani mint In a major breakthrough which could establish Pakistan’s direct involvement in the counterfeit currency racket in India, the National Investigative Agency (NIA) has found that Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) circulated in India are...
  15. Bhairava

    Philippines hails US support in Spratly row

    The Philippines yesterday welcomed what it saw as a gesture of support from the US amid an escalating row with Beijing over disputed territory in the South China Sea. Manila has in recent months accused China of taking increasingly aggressive action in staking its claims to the disputed...
  16. Bhairava

    Lashkar command in Sopore, Lolab wiped out, says Army

    The Army on Saturday identified five militants, who were killed in an operation in Kupwara's Lolab Valley, on Friday and claimed that entire leadership of Lashkar in Lolab and Sopore area has been wiped out.After identification of militants, whose bodies were retrieved on Saturday, officials...
  17. Bhairava

    War crimes and denial

    ONE of the most disturbing TV documentaries I have seen recently was Channel 4’s Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields when it was aired in the UK a fortnight ago. Chronicling the last few days of the murderous civil war against the Tamil Tigers that ended in triumph for government forces two...
  18. Bhairava

    Mother of all embarrassments

    Mother of all embarrassments For a country with more than its share of misfortunes and sheer bad luck, we could have done without this warrior of the faith, Osama bin Laden, spreading his beneficence amongst us. He was a headache for us while he lived, but nothing short of a catastrophe in...
  19. Bhairava

    Pakistan either accomplice or incompetent: CIA

    Pakistan either accomplice or incompetent: CIA WASHINGTON: CIA Director Leon Panetta has told the US Congress that either Pakistan was an accomplice in Osama bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad or was incompetent. In an in-camera testimony before a House panel, Mr Panetta said that he and...
  20. Bhairava

    Pakistan was kept in the dark purposely: CIA

    New Delhi: 48 hours after Osama bin Laden’s killing, the White House said Osama was unarmed when he was killed but his photos are too gruesome and inflammatory to be made public. Meanwhile, there’s more embarrassment for Pakistan that insists that they knew of Operation Geronimo - The CIA...

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