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  1. jagjitnatt

    Mirage 2000 - Footage from Les Chevaliers Du Ciel

    Watch this in HD. Amazing video. Turn up your speakers. YouTube - Les Chevaliers du Ciel HD Promo YouTube - Mirage 2000 : Wonderful Video !! [French Airforce]
  2. jagjitnatt

    Pakistan's ISI intelligence agency 'supports' Taliban: UK University

    MOD EDIT: Videos providing the counter POV and illustrating the weakness of the report inserted: 1. the 'view' of taliban commanders is...... and they 'believe' so... but not know so. 2. there is no proof but only based on statements from different western officials (whom we already know...
  3. jagjitnatt

    Mumbai to get its very own MiG 27 fighter plane

    MUMBAI: The MiG-27 may be mired in controversy with the Indian Air Force’s decision to ground its fleet of the Russian fighters earlier this year, but the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) may have a novel use for the plane. The IAF central command in Delhi donated an airframe of...
  4. jagjitnatt

    Awesome Low Fly by

    Some awesome low flying aircrafts. Some pics
  5. jagjitnatt

    Pak seeks Interpol Red Corner Notice against Kasab, Ansari

    ISLAMABAD: In a new twist in the Mumbai terror attack case, Pakistan on Saturday approached the Interpol seeking Red Corner Notice for arresting Ajmal Kasab and Fahim Ansari, currently undergoing trial in India. This was stated by Special Public Prosecutor Malik Rab Nawaz Moon as an...
  6. jagjitnatt

    Indian Air Force - Touching the Sky With Glory

    This is a thread on pictures of Indian Air Force Aircraft and Equipment. SU30-MKI
  7. jagjitnatt

    Earthquake in Punjab, India

    Tremors of earthquake have been detected in Jalandhar, Punjab. I myself felt them a minute ago. In the last 6 hours there have been 10 earthquakes in Chile. Waiting for the official news. The tremors were light but the earthquake might strike some areas around Punjab soon again. I suggest...
  8. jagjitnatt

    Online match India v/s Pakistan

    I was browsing through the threads today and all I saw was BS posted by a whole lot of members. So I thought why not divert the same aggression towards something that we all enjoy. Why not play an online game to satisfy our cracked skull mentality. Some of the games I thought of are: 1...
  9. jagjitnatt

    A Humble Request to all Members

    These past few days I've witnessed a lot of threads full of hatred. Khalistan Thrives, Indians exposed, Toilets in India, Pakistan ISI terrorizing and some of that sort. They are very provocative and simply here to bash our countries. I being a human fell for these and created a hate ful thread...
  10. jagjitnatt

    Pakistanis Exposed once again!

    Since Indians are being exposed in several threads these days, I thought it would be unfair if Pakistanis were not exposed once again. In a report submitted to the Obama administration recently, he says "Afghanistan's insurgency is clearly supported from Pakistan". Al Jazeera English -...
  11. jagjitnatt

    30 Militants killed in Air Strike in South Waziristan

    At least 30 militants have been killed in Pakistani air strike near the Afghan border, the military says. It says a militant "hideout" was hit in the Shawal mountains of South Waziristan, following a tip-off. The army launched an offensive in South Waziristan last October to root out...
  12. jagjitnatt

    Avalanche in Pakistan kills atleast 35

    At least 35 people are dead and 30 others are missing after an avalanche buried an entire village in north-west Pakistan. The avalanche hit a remote village in Kohistan district, about 200km (124 miles) north of Islamabad. The regional police chief said roads had been blocked by landslides and...
  13. jagjitnatt

    Pakistan Air Force - An Analysis

    Pakistan Air Force has played an active and important role in the wars of 1965 and 1971. It has been very professional and capable force till date. But I feel it has been ignored for a long time now. Sufficient funding was not provided at the right time. Almost all the aircraft in PAF's...
  14. jagjitnatt

    Indian victory in 65, 71 and 1999

    I have been here on this forum and I have noticed that a lot of Pakistani members believe that they won all these wars which is not the truth. I hope my thread helps them understand the truth and I also hope they accept it politely. There is nothing wrong in admitting a loss. It just makes you...

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