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  1. Soumya_india

    India, Iran, Afghanistan finalize draft for new transit trade agreement

    India, Iran and Afghanistan are moving closer. They have finalized a draft for a new transit trade agreement. A planned land route that has been completed will run through Iran connecting Afghanistan to the Persian Gulf. It will connect Afghanistan to Iran’s Chabahar port. Chabahar port will...
  2. Soumya_india

    Mumbai monorail inaugurated...

    Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan on Saturday inaugurated the monorail in Mumbai. The major new addition to the city's public transport system will be made available for public use on Sunday. Just a few weeks ago, the new international terminal of the Mumbai airport was made...
  3. Soumya_india

    India Developing, but still a long way to go

    I know that is old news,but still it is great news.. Direct train from Tripura to all cities in two years
  4. Soumya_india

    Russia remembered with gratitude as India joins elite space club

    LoL.. USA is your friend and Osama was in your backyard.buhahahaha what a friendship :rofl::rofl: China is your all weather friend but terrorist trained in Pakistani terror camps attacks western province of Xinjiang..buhahahaha what a friendship :rofl::rofl: Really,,you guys are awsome..:lol...
  5. Soumya_india

    Tejas induction in Air Force to make more time.. idrw.org

    kya karoon bhai hum indian to low IQ wala people hain,hum to 40 year main ek plane nahin bana sake aur tum logo ne 10 saal main hi aisa fighter plane bana dala jo space main bhi jata hain(aka JF 17)..:pakistan:
  6. Soumya_india

    Ties strained as India cuts fuel subsidy to Bhutan

    Bhutan is not stupid enough to cut relation with India..because their main import comes from India and main export goes to India....they also sell electricity to India,many Bhutanese student studied at Indian university,and many bhutanese worked at india also,.india is build a big Hydro plant at...
  7. Soumya_india

    WikiLeaks shows AJK part of Kashmir, no LoC

    Why?? do u believe in Wikileaks?? if yes.. then you should have to believe in those statement of WikiLeaks... :omghaha:
  8. Soumya_india

    WikiLeaks shows AJK part of Kashmir, no LoC

    India have not any National Language bro.. :)
  9. Soumya_india

    Govt plans all-weather fencing along LoC

    After having spent huge money, the Union Home Ministry has called experts again to look at option of having all-weather fencing along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir to check infiltration. Union Home Secretary R K Singh will soon meet representatives from the IIT, Central...
  10. Soumya_india

    Happy 65th Independence Day India!

    Happy Independence Day to all my Indian brother... Jay Hind..
  11. Soumya_india

    Indians never win

    we (indians) are happy with our olympic performance.. but are you happy with your(pakistan) performance??
  12. Soumya_india

    Indian Olympics Dream!!!!

    LOL..first make London olympic clear and out of controversy then talk..till then.:coffee:
  13. Soumya_india

    Indian Olympics Dream!!!!

    is that called Olympic?? I am thankful to god that i am not a British.. Proud to be an indian..
  14. Soumya_india

    Indian Olympics Dream!!!!

    LOL at London OLYMPIC..this is the worst one i have ever seen...
  15. Soumya_india

    Indian Olympics Dream!!!!

    Any body know the position of Vijay KUMAR at Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol?? Is he have anychance to win a medal??
  16. Soumya_india

    Why Indians members are generous in giving thanks

    No! Only your Trolling is good..:lol:
  17. Soumya_india

    Why Indians members are generous in giving thanks

    india and pakistan both are very good in all field..:enjoy: Ab mujhe india and pakistan dono traraf se thanks chaiye..:D

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