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    Interesting science

  2. Thorough Pro

    Muscle Fabric

  3. Thorough Pro

    and now GMO mosquities

  4. Thorough Pro

    Super power

    Indians of all ranks have been ranting about becoming a superpower in 2020 and no one took them seriously except Coronavirus... now India is producing the most potent and obnoxious coronaviruses
  5. Thorough Pro

    Disease of inequality

    Covid is a disease of inequality but less than Indian cast system He expresses is so clearly
  6. Thorough Pro

    How shameful ...

    Another low for the Indians now they are re-labeling oxygen received in aid from foreign countries as their own. Does Modi have a share in the Relinace group?
  7. Thorough Pro

    Australia makes it a crime for Australians to return from India

    Very heavy fines up to AUD 66,000 and jail time up to 5 years
  8. Thorough Pro

    Gravitas: Angela Merkel says Europe "Allowed India" to become a pharma hub

    everything is turning south for poor Indians. As India struggles with the second wave, Angela Merkel is worried about what will happen to exports of pharmaceutical products to Europe. The German Chancellor has said Europe allowed India to become "such a large pharmaceutical producer".
  9. Thorough Pro

    Canada bans flights from India

    The world is realising that India is a serious threat to the global health
  10. Thorough Pro

    Illegal arms trade by champions of international law

    a good watch
  11. Thorough Pro

    Ship snaps in two

    A river liner anchored in Black sea to pass a storm snaps in two due to heavy swelling @Rashid Mahmood
  12. Thorough Pro

    Coming war on China ...

    Watch this a rather long but very informative and well made documentary, a lot of lessons from history including the last minute stand down order on a nuclear strike on China by the US.
  13. Thorough Pro

    Scam Capital of the world

    Rape capital of the world is also the scam capital of the world. This guy is doing an amazing job.
  14. Thorough Pro

    Gear Geeks.....show your passion

    Daisy Powerline 717 4.5mm
  15. Thorough Pro

    Vital supplies during border tensions with China

    This one is to stitch Narendra Surrender Modi's 56 inch ...
  16. Thorough Pro

    India - The home of Super ....

    India is the home of superbugs and is exporting them to the whole world. Please watch this documentary and avoid all Indian products, especially the produce which comes from the farms using polluted water.
  17. Thorough Pro

    Path to success

    Path to success is always hard and long, needs a lot of character, dedication, hard work, and patience
  18. Thorough Pro

    Indian Woman Part of US Delegation Proves Her Credentials !

    Pakistan can never come close to the great achievements that indian diplomats can achieve @Oscar @Khafee @Windjammer @Horus @DESERT FIGHTER @Knuckles @Maarkhoor @waz @Zarvan @Meengla @Areesh

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