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    Poland unveils new upgrades for it's Leopard 2A4 fleet

    Guys your thoughts? For me it's similar to Leopard 2 Revolution upgrade but it says it has less armor so what are your thoughts?
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    Why do people always thinking that when ever Iran inaugurated new weapons always be propaganda?

    I see a lot of people always take a laughing when ever Iran make new weapons why do they think that when ever Iran inaugurated new weapons always be a laughing joke and champ it as propaganda????!!!!
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    Last Question : Attacking Iran

    "We judge that the introduction of nuclear weapons into the Near East would increase the dangers in an already dangerous situation and therefore not be in our interest. Israel has 12 surface-to-surface missiles delivered from France. It has set up a production line and plans by the end of 1970...
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    Is T-72S armor as capable as T-72B armor?

    I just wondered. Is T-72S which is export version of T-72B has Super Dolly parton chobham armor as T-72B,if so how capable it is with normal T-72B??? (Mod 1985)
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    Which version of MiG-29 operated by IRIAF?

    I just wondered which version of MiG-29 operated by IRIAF, at Wikipedia said 9.12B and another guy at quora said SMT variant

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