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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    what does this has to do with PAF F16's????
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    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

    Just a curious Question .. I will appreciate if any member is kind enough to reply. Why did PAF did not go for Tornedo..?? It was a good platform at its time and I feel a perfect one to replace mirages...!!
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    PAF J-10C News, Updates and Discussion

    Zia Ul Haq
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    A time will come, Pakistan will Get J-20 as well - Sheikh Rasheed

    he clearly said J20C... China is currently operating J20A so there is a lot of time time J20C will be produce.
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    PAF J-10C News, Updates and Discussion

    I love your reply..
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    Featured Project Azm: Pakistan's Ambitious Quest to Develop 5th Generation Military Technologies.

    It will be interesting to know if they use Bido or GPS....!!
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    Highrises and Skyscrapers

    All my best wises for this project but in my whole life, I have never seen such a project getting done. not even a single..
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    Azerbaijani fighter taught a lesson to Indian opponent

    The way he is losing he should not be playing this sport...!
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    Three ex-military officers, civilian sentenced by FGCM on espionage charges

    it admits its an issue but does not mean they are behind it and if In case they are I trust my agencies rather criticizing them because i know how poor law of the country is... By the way its nice way of you to put a General Pic in your avatar and criticize army..
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    Three ex-military officers, civilian sentenced by FGCM on espionage charges

    Instead of writing he should have visited Afghanistan and probably have found all the missing persons.
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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    In both ways we will not sell latest F16 to Pakistan
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    Financial terrorism committed by the Govt-Military duos

    What a crap... waste of time
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    Pakistan UAVs News & Discussions

    everyone's doing their own thing with no regard to the other.
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    Information Pool & Analysis on Pakistan's AF Aspiration for Su-35 / Su-35S - FLANKER-E

    Bro right now I am drinking and no mood to use my brain.. i will reply you tomorrow after my hangover.. I hope you understand

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