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  1. RoadRunner401

    Opinion; Imran khan wants to wait till qoam gets enough chatrool

    I can't see the video you posted, but I can read the headline and I am 100% in favor of PTI Sitting this one out, Taking over right now will be giving Neutrals NRO and a political suicide, let the neutrals get more exposed, let them wear this for life and be gone for good. 13 ISI controlled...
  2. RoadRunner401

    After increase in Petroleum Prices, more to come. We are still not closer to the IMF deal: Senior Journalist Shehbaz Rana

    For future give it a thought before making such ignorant comment, People who cannot afford cars are more affected by High gas prices than people who can, You know, the same people Army Gernails (General) swore to protect and then for personal gains destroyed them...
  3. RoadRunner401

    Engaging with people of India serves Pakistan’s interests! engagement with US,INDIA significant : PAK FM Bilawal

    Don't take him so seriously, His daddy bought him the post of FM...
  4. RoadRunner401

    Body formed to probe claims Imran was bribed to ‘protect’ real estate firm

    No one is blind or a fool, Criminals holding Pakistan hostage and trying desperately to frame an honest man. Every time Rana Sanaullah opens his mouth s.h.i.t falls out, according to kangaroo courts and lifaffa journalist, Sharif family and Zardari aren't guilty until declared Not Guilty by suit...
  5. RoadRunner401

    Electricity problem is due to imported coal, shehbaz Sharif

    Oh, that's easy bro, General Bajwa
  6. RoadRunner401

    Russia is ready to provide cheap oil to Pakistan: Russian Govt

    We all understand the Difference and its is pretty obvious India dose not have low lives like you... PTI isn't in power anymore, IMF wants to know how you will pay back the loans, you know the money you borrowed in the name of Pakistan but instead purchased properties in London, England and...
  7. RoadRunner401

    Govt to impose 30% on IT Exports & Services

    PTI voter base is educated middle class. PML_N, PPP and JUIF are mostly uneducated low income, I Think they are hurting their own base more than they are PTI supporters... G.O.P is spending $17 Billion dollars per year on perks for the Royalty of Pakistan (bureaucrats, politicians and of...
  8. RoadRunner401

    Govt to impose 30% on IT Exports & Services

    I am sorry, what? Pakistan is facing 2 to 3 million tones of wheat shortages this year and you think that can be improved a little? How Abracadabra problem solved. I tried to keep it as simple as I possibly could, since you know so much, let's go, your power plants run on imported fuel...
  9. RoadRunner401

    Govt to impose 30% on IT Exports & Services

    Mashallah, sir people of Pakistan don't deserves geniuses like you, I like, no, no love your solution, here is a small problem you might have over looked, we Import wheat, lentils and other essential everyday used items then we produce, which means majority of the people by your logic will go...
  10. RoadRunner401

    Petrol increased by PKR 30 to PKR 209.9

    Recently revealed economic revival plan by PDM "Experienced" team is now out " Jo, de uska bhi bhala. Jo na de uska bhi bhala." Next trip Afghanistan for a loan or Aid and then off to Somalia...
  11. RoadRunner401

    Gen Qamar advises officers to prepare for 'changing threat'

    Clever not to use "Bajwa" instead use Qamar, I almost bought into it until I saw the picture, anything coming out of his mouth to protect Pakistan from threats is laughable to say the least. When all else fail to bring in the boogey man "India" Indian Army isn't stupid enough to destroy the...
  12. RoadRunner401

    Imported Government Steals Food from Poor by Increasing 213 Rupees Per Litre in Cooking Oil Prices

    Majority of Indian population living below the poverty line, go fix your own house, until that happens shut your mouth and take a hike.
  13. RoadRunner401

    Imran admits PTI protesters ‘also had pistols’ during long march

    What did this Gentleman say when asked why is PML_N leadership hiding London, England for years? Why PML_N are asking others to invest in Pakistan while they themselves are investing in England? When are they going to start bringing investments back to PAKISTAN since they care so much for the...
  14. RoadRunner401

    Does the Establishment realize that Pakistan's future is with China?

    Sorry, what? 1962 Chinese literally give you Kashmire, but you act against it on the advise of Americans... 1962 Pakistani ally USA helps India against China and tells Pakistan to back off. 1971 aircraft carrier leaves to help Pakistan 2022 its still haven't made it yet. 1990 India is...
  15. RoadRunner401

    Does the Establishment realize that Pakistan's future is with China?

    I love it when serious conversations go on about Problems with Pakistan and the more important factor is completely ignored or simply not mentioned and that's "the GHQ Factor". Spin it a million miles and blame it on "this and that" will not change the reality, the problem is, was and will...
  16. RoadRunner401

    Imported govt drops Petrol bomb on poor nation by Rs 30

    I am hoping and praying IK sits this one out and let PDM with the help of Indian generals in GHQ bankrupt the country...
  17. RoadRunner401

    No Deal has been made with Establishment: Imran Khan - 6 Days Ultimatum for General Election Remains

    I bet your tv set also didn't work like the supreme court judges and couldn't see what was happening on Punjab cities.
  18. RoadRunner401

    Shireen Mazari beaten and arrested from her own home

    PML_N is desperately trying to hide their complete failure and pointing fingers at the army is pathetic attempt to take attention of PML_N and point it somewhere else...
  19. RoadRunner401

    Shireen Mazari beaten and arrested from her own home

    PML_N is desperately trying to hide their failure in handling the economy, they will start blaming the army for all this hoping people will buy this and take the attention off them. Brother, destroying your own country is not the answer, plus this is part of the deal they made to bring Pakistan...
  20. RoadRunner401

    Another Scam of PTI Government: How Usman Buzdar govt acquired land for Imran Khan’s Namal

    I see where the problem is you are under the impression that this Land was given From the Sharif's "OWN KINGDOM" and all future governments of Pakistan must follow instructions from Sharif's. This land belonged to the Government of Pakistan and has now been given to an educational institution...

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