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    SEJJIL Family Solid Fueled Guided MRBM/IRBM & SLVs

    You need missiles that can hit US cities, it will be game over before it even starts.
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    Please make it even 500K sounds much better.. :)
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    Sure and I am the CEO of Gazprom.. lol..
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    Yep, Russkie economy is doing fine but some people live in denial. I hear EU is now paying in Rubels
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    If India and Pakistan Went to War: 5 Weapons Pakistan Should Fear

    That is the biggest threat Ever, But unlike in past India will never ever start a war with Pak for apparent reasons. The best tool at its disposal is terrorism, which Pak has to take care of. But 1st we need to take care of Bajwa after all charity starts at home.
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    Looks like Germany will be facing crises.. max 75 days gas reserves...
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    The arrest of Imran Khan will be in the interest of the country: Rana Sanaullah

    Who are these gals? Kaam Wali Masi?
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    Pakistan Air Force to procure Belgian C-130 Transport Aircraft | June 2022 .

    Whats wrong with Chinese Y-20 ?
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    Indian Kalwari: Strong Rebuttal by Pakistan Navy

    You basically summarized the whole thread
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    Iran Government Foundation Confirms $200 Million Embezzlement

    Only 200m, hehe in Pak it's peanuts.
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    Made in Iran

    If Iran is making all this then I say that Iran has made it (minus the western foaming at mouth Media BS) Iran is well on its way. :tup:
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    Lavrov bashed BBC reporter

    "Go on then do it" The line from Russian FM says it all... And I know the west inside out, all they will do is send terrorists and wiggle & jiggle their a$$. Hey I dare you go librate Ukr just like Kuwait... LMAO...
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    Ray Dalio: China Will Overtake USA as Superpower | Shocking New Interview

    No, it won't, It will lash out, You will see a lot more terrorist activities worldwide.
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    British army prepares for the great war in Europe

    We saw Brit army performance in A-Stan, You won't see SAS in Ukr for obvious reasons.
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    Famous Pakistani Food

    It's called kat-a-kat or tak-a-tak depends where in Pak. I make it at home on a hot plate, very tasty.
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    Please please do it, liberate UKr.. pretty please. LMAO...
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    Russia Completes First Rail Bridge to China

    If they build a bridge between Siberia and Alaska then you can also drive all the way to Argentina too.. :p:

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