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  1. whydowelove

    Firebird Intel Gathering Aircraft System- Pilot optional

    Northrop Grumman Unveils Newest Intel Gathering Aircraft System Military users will be able to get real-time high-definition video, view infrared imagery, use radar and even listen in on communications signals – all at the same time – using a new intelligence-gathering aircraft system...
  2. whydowelove

    Video of Funeral of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

    This video contains some images of funeral of Quaid e Azam which I never saw before, so thought I would post just in case someone else want to look. PS: In urdu (apologies for those who can't understand)
  3. whydowelove

    Police radar guns could help identify suicide bombers

    Police radar guns could help identify suicide bombers The radar guns police use to spot speeding motorists have inspired a version that aims to identify a would-be suicide bomber in a crowd. A radar gun fires microwave pulses at a car and measures the Doppler shift of the reflected...
  4. whydowelove

    A dying man trusted you to save his baby — don’t let him down

    By: Jemima Khan Pakistan celebrated its 63rd birthday yesterday. It’s the country I feel I grew up in, arriving 15 years ago almost to the day as a 21-year-old bride and emerging a decade later a more questioning and conflicted person. I now have children who support the national cricket...

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