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    PTI Azaadi March 2022: Updates and Discussion

    @RescueRanger and other respected members Much appreciated your attention to this thread and the information you have provided. Thank you sir. Something that one can conclude. The army - the one that i have admired trusted and saluted has been surprisingly silent. They sit at the sideline...
  2. Musings

    Multiple incidents of China harassing its citizens due to Covid

    Wholeheartedly agree. This thread has been created for the purposes to troll and have a jab at China. I believe Chinas response has been commendable and reduced chances of covid spreading as minimal. Find it astonishing Indians are attempting to throw stones when living in glasshouses. A nation...
  3. Musings

    Do you like milk?

    This guy allegedly only been here for 2-3 weeks - has intense knowledge of this forum and members. Wonder whose been banned recently and has launched a new ID?
  4. Musings

    Do you like milk?

    Mushtaqs in Birmingham - Allam Rock Road
  5. Musings

    Manchester United || Discussion || Transfers || Matches

    It starts with the senior players. Apparently Ronaldo refuses to be substituted and Bruno thinks his dad owns the club. No one is bigger than the club and discipline and fight needs to be installed. If the manager wants to make a change - can a player dictate whether he comes off or not? Imagine...
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    Manchester United || Discussion || Transfers || Matches

    Just when you think Man U couldn’t get any lower - today has to be rock bottom boys
  7. Musings

    London, Bilawal House worried by govt handling of Madina incident

    Firstly the numerous clip and videos shown didnt show people having any affinity to IKs party. Holding a political party to account for the actions of a few patriots from the homeland is to say the least immature and doesn't hold up in a court of law. Secondly - is there any evidence of IK or...
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    People chanting CHOR CHOR on shahbaz sharif at masjid e nabvi

    Took great pleasure in reading the comments on this thread. This tsunami of anti feeling towards these robbing b*stards is lovely to see and hope it continues. Surely they will eventually go into permanent hibernation. No honorable person can show face - only begairath. Its heartwarming to see...
  9. Musings

    At $76.6 billion, India is third highest military spender in world, says report

    Tragic. Look at other nations in the list. They dont have 400 million starving. They dont have millions of kids starving tonight and malnourished. Instead boy wonder - mr Indian positive - wants to exfoliate his 46 inch chest and then show it off. Look at India - vee r shupapwaa. Indian...
  10. Musings

    India's "Great Khali" s own desi entertainment wrastlin' league !

    The women frog marching them into the ring look bigger than the "he men" of Incredible Indians. Bless them...........
  11. Musings

    Will Imran Khan Return to Power After US Coup?

    Using the word "Architects" is a slur on the trade. Perhaps fraudsters and scoundrels are more apt words to use to describe them. I humbly disagree with your analysis. Its not that IK is a master gifted future political analysis. Its not the fact that he has done an admirable job - far from...
  12. Musings

    Manchester United || Discussion || Transfers || Matches

    Last night was perhaps one of the most inapt performances by a Man U side i have ever seen. Wholesale changes needed.
  13. Musings

    'No peace without...': Shehbaz Sharif links normal ties to India with Kashmir

    Retard. Look at the question im asking and look at your response. We as a nation didnt want to be part of the land mass known as India today - Hence the creation of Pakistan. Now lets return to the origional question - who was you when you got killed off in your previous ID - before you was...
  14. Musings

    'No peace without...': Shehbaz Sharif links normal ties to India with Kashmir

    Any chance of sharing with us the ID you was in your previous life? Why avoid the question? Come on make us chuckle. As an Indian i know you homed in on the word rape - i know its something you cant avoid.... its in your saffron blood
  15. Musings

    'No peace without...': Shehbaz Sharif links normal ties to India with Kashmir

    Talking of little wankers - what was your name in your previous life on here? Its amazing how your lot have no shame and after getting kicked off a Pakistan forum - relaunch your ID to troll again? The obsession is deep - the hate is deep. Go have a cool refreshing "drink" of your favourite...
  16. Musings

    'No peace without...': Shehbaz Sharif links normal ties to India with Kashmir

    Ye we can see how you protect the minorities in India. Eat a beef sandwich and you could be lynched. Caring about minorities and India dont go well together.......
  17. Musings

    PM Imran Khan vs Opposition No Confidence Vote- Updates and Discussion

    I still thank the lord - the creator that Pakistan is not of what is today known as India. No stats you provide can hide the stench that is called India today. Rape - 400 million beggars and starving - more than the whole of Africa and people not been able to have a burger - and you come on here...
  18. Musings

    SC bars institutions from ‘extra-constitutional’ steps

    Ok let’s forgive his love friendship loyalty or whatever you want to call it with Modi. Are you able to forget the rampant theft from the national coffers? Are you able to forgive the foreign assets funds and samosas they have mysteriously amassed abroad with no proof of where the funding has...
  19. Musings

    PM Imran Khan vs Opposition No Confidence Vote- Updates and Discussion

    Just woke up and heard the news. IK played a beautiful hand. Now the opposition jokers can be seen screaming. Naaaz Sharif will be back in hospital with another fake illness. Go IK - you da man!

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