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    CHinese Weibo, Baidu blocked in India and taken down from app stores

    Every action equal opposite reaction
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    Indian air force jets fly close to Karachi in attack formation

    Looks like indian carrier is somewhere in arabian ocean
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    Green light to the sale of two Fincantieri Fremm military ships to Egypt

    Kolkata stealth class would be a better option:what:
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    What happened after Indian mob lynched single Chinese soldier?

    I hope further border escalations stops lets fight against common enemy povrty unemplyment Offical chanels are silent this pic is leaked maybe frm mobile camera
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    What happened after Indian mob lynched single Chinese soldier?

    Thease gyz look seriously injured or dead maybe indian media is silent about this
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    Indian and Chinese Airforces Confront Each Other In Ladakh

    Role of russia if conflict arises
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    Russian imperialists in Libya equipped with Msta-B howitzers, Tigr MRAPs, Pantsir AD, MiG-29SMT jets

    Superior white race dying for middle eastern for few bucks :(
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    ERDOGAN's modern Turkey 2003-2023

    Nice turkey is well ahead of india who wanna challange china:-) also Turkey is also giving its citizenship just like european countries thumbs up for that i hope turkey will join eu since turkish guyZ and girls can easily pass as europeans
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    Russian navy launches third Karakurt class corvette

    Award for unique strangest name goes to russians
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    Areas in Pakistan administered Kashmir now in weather department’s forecast

    Thanks for free weather updates:-)
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    Humiliation of Indian Troops bodies in Kashmir

    we must not make fun of dead people they sacrificed their life for their country according to geneva convention
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    Syrian Civil War (Graphic Photos/Vid Not Allowed)

    There is a prophecy in bible Isaiah 17.1 The message came to me concerning Damascus: “Look, the city of Damascus will disappear! It will become a heap of ruins. ^^^^ Turkey is a muslim country erodogan works for islamic new world order jesus Prophet Esa will not come until bible...
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    Syrian Civil War (Graphic Photos/Vid Not Allowed)

    The end bad guyz r defeated only remain in few pockets
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    Muslim Man Attacked by 1000 Hindus in Delhi Survived the Beating

    1 hero vs 1000 vilans Actually many mughal rulers in the past attacked india to protect dalits sikhs muslims buddist from thease savages
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    Syrian Civil War (Graphic Photos/Vid Not Allowed)

    Using artillery on moving targets terroist rlaughing
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    Indian members your views on Arnab Goswami retard psyco or normal

    He is a cheater he mute the opponenet mike and then start bashing him loudly he is only afraid of owasudin
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    Communal segregation and religious marking of vegetable vendors begin in India

    Some of them are smart muslims which yellow flag because they know how to do buisness:woot:

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