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  1. ItsHameed

    per Ajit Doval plan, Afghanistan approves setting up TTP bases at Pak-Afghan border

    As per Ajit Doval plan, #Afghanistan approves setting up #TTP bases at Pak-Afghan border at every 1000 meters with new Bunkers for Afghan forces. Afghan special forces to be deployed frm Spina Shaga to Tri Mengal,Kharlachi,Nari Kundao,Dhanda Grami Muqbal, Jaji Maidn, Chargoti. Drones, cameras &...
  2. ItsHameed

    Featured Chaman border to reopen from August 21 without visa requirement

    Latest photo of Afghanis coming into Pakistan without visa passport just on afghan citizen card (TAZKIRA) via Chaman border.

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