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    Imported govt drops Petrol bomb on poor nation by Rs 30

    This govt is inexperience and lack of professional team, they don’t know how to run govt and build sustainable economy. Thank God they were not there during Covid restrictions wrna tb kya hota
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    Stopping bla attack promotion on social media

    It was PTI fan base which used to resist such trends on social media against state or army but uss puri generation ko Tmne neutral bna dia now face the music
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    Blasphemy case registered against Imran Khan and PTI leadership

    They are making mistakes after mistakes, they cannot suppress this movement and anger of people from around the world with these cheap tactics…
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    Have asked party to start preparations for Islamabad march: Imran Khan

    Islamabad was jam when he last time call for jalsa only till motorways imagine what will happen this time..,,,,
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    Imran Khan's message to Lahore - 21st April Jalsa

    Lahore jalsa is massive no doubt bigger than Karachi and Lahore
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    Dozens of Uzbekistan military helicopters went inside Afghanistan to hunt ISK at Balkh Province

    This is only possible when your army is doing army’s thing
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    Relationship with the establishment got damaged months ago - Fawad Chaudhary

    Pta nhe kb hm sab apnay kaam se kaam rakhay gai hukumat Lao hukumat girao learn something from Bangladesh, stable democracy helping them surpassing both India Pakistan….
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    PTI MPA in COMA: Just a Collateral Damage in Power Struggle.

    They are known killers what else
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    Wish we get our army back for Pakistan sake.

    Another truck ki batti nothing is happening , the members are right this is failed banana republic one should flee
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    PTI Karachi Jalsa - Discussion.

    He is just a celebrity and very stupid one
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    PTI Karachi Jalsa - Discussion.

    No no no afridi is very close to someone else if you dig lil deeper you will find it
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    The Russian cruiser Moskva has officially sunk: Russia MoD

    Where was mighty Russian air defence coverage ???
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    PTI Karachi Jalsa - Discussion.

    This ground is way larger than Peshawar one
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    2 TTP Terrorists killed in DI Khan , KP - April 2022 .

    Are you saying that BLA and BLF which put up some serious attacks on our security forces recently is crushed for now ?
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    PTI Karachi Jalsa - Discussion.

    There is a whole thread where you can see what He did for the Karachi…. Before making comments further go through that one
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    Pakistan carries out airstrikes along AfPak border

    Great to hear that let’s settle it for once, as I said yesterday roz roz janazay nhe utha sktain. BehindyouArmy on this
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    امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور# Trend that won't die.

    We need to help PTI movement financially, pti is not like ppp or pmln having looted money to support their activities
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    7 soldiers martyred since last 14 hours in Waziristan.

    Yr politics aati hai go and flat that MF land of Afghan, do it now roz roz janazay nhe utha skty
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    امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور# Trend that won't die.

    As far as I know twitter’s user are less than any other social media platform comparatively. Lol main bhi nhe use krta DPs meri hr jaga khan sb ki hoti hain
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    LIVE | PTI Jalsa In Peshawar | Imran Khan Address Today In Peshawar Powershow

    As far as I know this place, there is no such nazar this must be miles away from gathering ground. Ring road is way outside city and hectors of barren land no exaggeration

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