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  1. anathema

    Majestic Su 30 MKI's - Night operations - HD footage

    Loved the HD footage - seeing it for the first time. The afterburner and the sound has to be experienced !
  2. anathema


    Great series on Indian Independence Day....celebrating the valor of modern day heroes in Indian Armed Forces HEROES -- NEW SERIES ON TIMESNOW TV Heroes-Weekend Shows -TIMESNOW.tv - Latest Breaking News, Big News Stories, News Videos Happy Independence Day !! Jai HInd !!!
  3. anathema

    In a First - Woman Officer gets Bravery Award !! BRAVO !!

    In a first, woman officer gets award for bravery overseas Bravo !!!! Salute to you Maa'm......
  4. anathema

    Best of Indian Military Institutions

    Friends i happened to see movie Lakshya again -- The movie has been on my top 10 list ever since it came about. It tugs everytime i watch it . The production, photography is out of this world !!!!! I thought to create this thread, to showcase the premiere Indian Military Institutions. Note :-...
  5. anathema

    World Cup: Pakistan football makers have a ball

    A very nice article in TOI..a nice read. Has someone being to these factories ! World Cup: Pakistan football makers have a ball - News - Football World Cup - Sports - The Times of India SIALKOT: The replica of the ball of the World Cup in South Africa and most of the 40 million footballs...
  6. anathema

    IAF Fighter Roles and Mission profiles --When and how will they be used ?

    IAF has different types (Western and Russian) of Aircrafts under its disposal. The Aircrafts are as diversed as they can be. I have always wondered what will be mission profiles of these different types of Aircrafts. Before putting forward my points, i would like to point members to some aspects...
  7. anathema

    Militants using HIV to fight soldiers !!!

    Breaking News:Militants use HIV to fight UK troops in Afghanistan - UK - World - The Times of India LONDON: In tactics that’s sure to pass as “dirty war”, the Taliban is using hidden needles to infect British troops with HIV. Hypodermic syringes are hidden below the surface pointing...
  8. anathema

    Major dies fighting Terrorists .....

    Army foils infiltration bid in J-K, loses gallant officer Jammu: Jammu is in mourning for an Indian Army Major who died during an encounter with terrorists trying to cross the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir. Major Akash Singh of 5th Battalion, Maratha Light Infantry, gave his...
  9. anathema

    Eurofighter vs Bugatti Veyron ...

    Fastest Car in the world vs one of the most advanced fighter jet... Awesome top gear episode.....enjoy... ---------- Post added at 06:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:38 PM ---------- Mods , Please feel free to move thread if inappropriate.
  10. anathema

    Indian Nuclear submarine - ATV launch on independence day

    Finally --> Indigenous nuclear submarine set for Independence Day launch June 02, 2009, (Sawf News) - India is set to launch its first indigenously built nuclear powered submarine on August 15, Independence Day. The submarine - being built at Hazira in Gujarat under the secretive 20-year-old...

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