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  1. Nalwa

    Sorry, Kashmir Is Happy

    Sorry, Kashmir Is Happy SRINAGAR, GULMARG ~ There was a moment when Prashant Bhushan was irreversibly diminished, and he became the Ringo Starr of Team Anna’s famous four. It happened in the middle of a television interview, when thugs broke into his chamber and beat him up for demanding a...
  2. Nalwa

    Ai Weiwei: A digital rallying cry

    A digital rallying cry THE Twitter account of Ai Weiwei, China's foremost artist-activist, fell silent when he was arrested on April 3rd. Chinese state media suggest that he is guilty of "economic crimes" and a bevy of other reputation-killers such as plagiarism and being "erratic." But his...
  3. Nalwa

    German pilot refused to shoot British plane in WWII

    Just came across this wonderful piece of military history from wiki. Thought I'd share it here. Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler story Charlie Brown was an American military pilot with United States Army Air Corps who was stationed in RAF Kimbolton, Great Britain and assigned to bomb...
  4. Nalwa

    Doosra can't be bowled legally: Michael Holding

    Bet this will change some recent Pakistani views about Holding! Doosra can't be bowled legally: Michael Holding Pakistan's spinners have wreaked havoc with their doosras in the team's two victories over the West Indies in the ongoing ODI series but former Windies fast bowling legend...
  5. Nalwa

    The Story of a Kashmiri Footballer

    The Story of a Kashmiri Footballer “I am waiting for a letter from my club in Brazil. So if it comes tomorrow, I will leave within a week,” says Basharat Baba, his exuberant smile tinged with the cockiness of an athlete. Edgily dressed all in black, the 20-year-old could be any young man...
  6. Nalwa

    Egypt: How India should respond

    Egypt: How India should respond It is obviously in our interest to be on the right side of the new forces that will emerge to prominence in Egypt. They will remember who supported them in their hour of history and who sat on the fence. As a general rule, it is advisable in diplomacy to be...
  7. Nalwa

    Khalistan sticky?

    Can we please have a Khalistan sticky thread where all articles and news reports regarding the Khalistan issue can be posted? Browsing through past threads, it appears that every 3 months or so a new thread appears justifying the demand for Khalistan and people start going back and forth with...
  8. Nalwa

    China is back to stapling visas to Arunachal travellers

    Two Arunachal men get stapled China visas, stopped at airport ITANAGAR: In a departure from past practice, China has begun issuing visas to residents of Arunachal Pradesh, over which it lays claim, but they are stapled to passports as in the case of people from Jammu and Kashmir. China's...
  9. Nalwa

    Guarded by the Enemy

    Guarded by the Enemy His agenda is anti-CRPF, yet Mirwaiz Umar Farooq needs them to shield him from protestors. RAHUL PANDITA NEW DELHI It can’t get more ironic for the Kashmiri separatist leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. After all, he needs the protection of the same CRPF...

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