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  1. Great Janjua

    The recent LGBTQ invasion from foreign Embassies.

    Okay, this is kind of a rant but an extremely justified one. As we all know Pakistan is an Islamic nation, it is literally in the name, therefore, the practise of same-sex marriages and gay mingling is strictly forbidden in Islam hence it is frowned upon inside Pakistan and the Islamic world...
  2. Great Janjua

    7 soldiers martyred since last 14 hours in Waziristan.

    According to local reports coming out from Maidan Waziristan around a dozen army soldiers have been martyred in attacks from TTP. @Mentee @Sainthood 101 @Areesh @Goenitz
  3. Great Janjua

    TTP raid on army post Waziristan.

    It's getting beyond bearable folks. Where did the indestructible forts go? Where did the surveillance go? Where are our battle-hardened tactics and training. @Desert Fox 1 @Areesh @Sainthood 101 @Goenitz @Mentee
  4. Great Janjua

    Is this the Naya Pakistan.

    I mean this whole fiasco has created extreme hatred towards an establishment that has put Pakistan first come what may. It is easy to tweet and let out frustration from a small screen within AC confined walls but this is getting out of control. It is the same awam that would blame the army for...
  5. Great Janjua

    Repeated threads and the worrysome situation of Defence.pk.

    Can we start regulating the number of threads we are seeing on the same topic (especially the Imran khan saga) it is getting beyond boring, I come on here to discuss and learn about the military galore and its offerings not to play petty politics with Abdool from Texas. Yes, discussion on all...
  6. Great Janjua

    8 terrorist killed and 2 captured in Balochistan

    Security Forces eliminated around 08 terrorists of banned outfit and apprehended 02 terrorists during an IBO in Sanni Soran and Nagao area of Kalat/Sibbi. During the intense fire Nisar Ahmad (8cb) embraced Shahadat. https://t.co/nCcYpesupH
  7. Great Janjua

    FC Balochistan post attacked in Sangaan area of Sibi.

    Sangaan recently has been a hotbed for BLA activity. The state needs to get its shit together the total casualties so far from this year alone are shocking, Forget 2021.
  8. Great Janjua

    Bahrain has launched talks with India to procure Arjun Mk II main battle tanks

    According to information published by the "Tactical Report" on March 16, 2022, Bahrain has launched talks with India for the procurement of the Indian-made Arjun Mk II Main Battle Tank (MBT). The tank could be also equipped with Israeli-Indian co-designed laser system. Follow Army Recognition on...
  9. Great Janjua

    Peoples Anti Fascis Front (PAFF) releases credible information regarding Poonch Ambush.

    The telltale stories of the propagandist Indian army have been uncovered yet again solidifying their ways of vicious occupation pitted against helpless Kashmiris. Indian point of assertion nabbed...
  10. Great Janjua

    Indian pilot captured

    Take a look
  11. Great Janjua

    Applicable way off indoctrinating

    I have no words for such a training video is it appropriate for the gentleman to be swearing at his men Is it the right attitude

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