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    Driving to Thailand from India could be a reality by 2016

    As India sought to expedite its infrastructural projects in Myanmar, PM Manmohan Singh and President U Thein Sein for the first time set a deadline, 2016, for trilateral road connectivity which will make it possible to drive right up to Thailand from India via Myanmar. After the PM's...
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    Air Chief Marshal Browne leave for France amidst talks for India's largest-

    Even as India is in final negotiations to seal its largest-ever defence project, the almost $20 billion MMRCA project to acquire 126 Rafale fighters, IAF chief Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne left for a four-day visit to France on Monday. The French Rafale jet outclassed five other American...
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    The Flying Hero of the 1971 War

    Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon is the only Indian Air Force warrior to be decorated with the Param Vir Chakra. 'My admiration for his gallant action remains undiminished,' says M P Anil Kumar (Former IAF Pilot). 'It was not his day, yet he made it his own.' The North American F-86 Sabre...
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    RISAT-1 is capable of imaging without sunlight

    Indigenously built RISAT-1 satellite launched on April 26 is capable of imaging even without sunlight and could penetrate through clouds, the Rajya Sabha was informed. The Radar Imaging Satellite (RISAT-1) has cloud penetrating capability and also can image during day and night as well as all...
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    Garam Hawa, 1947 Earth: Mirrors kept on the two sides of pain

    In Garam Hawa, the train starts from Delhi and goes to Lahore. In 1947 Earth, the train starts from Lahore and goes to Delhi... Macro. Micro. Two views of the same world. And within each view, multiple perspectives. And within each perspectives, multiple possibilities with multiple outcomes...
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    Whats the biggest lie you said or still saying to your partner or parents?

    The biggest lie I have said to my parents is that I don't smoke, but I think they know about it
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    Is Love Bitter?

    Well I think love is like dark chocolate. Although it always leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth, you will still be tempted to take a bite the next time around.Please give your opinion...
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    Childhood memories...Fights between brothers and sisters

    It is common for brothers and sisters to fight during childhood mostly due to some degree of jealousy or competition but when we get mature things get normal. Please share ur childhood memories of fights between brothers and sisters
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    Please post images of world currency (new or old)

    Banknote of Qatar & Dubai Indian Ten Rupees (old)
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    Please change my Username

    Mods/admins please change my username to "Filmmaker"
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    Flashmob Chandigarh - Sector17.....Enjoy

    ---------- Post added at 10:49 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:47 AM ---------- Punjabi Music n Dance rocks
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    Sub Continent weddings

    Discuss everything regarding the grand tamasha, different marriage traditions and rituals
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    What technology innovation has changed your life ?

    For me it's computer. I can't live without computer, internet
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    SC issues contempt notice to PM Gilani

    ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has issued contempt notice to Prime Minister Syed Youuf Raza Gilani in NRO implementation case and summoned him on January 19, Geo News reported. A seven-member larger bench of the Supreme Court (SC) resumed hearing of National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO)...
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    Italian cruise tragedy conjures memories of doomed Titanic

    The first interviews of survivors — and the first impressions of people across the world — of the ill-fated Costa Concordia cruise liner that ran aground and tipped over in Italy are yielding predictable comparisons to another tragedy. “Have you seen ‘Titanic’? That’s exactly what it was,”...
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    Monitoring situation in Pak, committed to democracy : US

    WASHINGTON: The United States has said it is monitoring the situation in Pakistan and reiterated its commitment to a civilian-led democracy there. The strong statement in support of the civilian government gains significance in the wake of the increased tension between the government led by...
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    Iran begins N-activity underground

    TEHRAN: Iran has begun uranium enrichment at a new underground site well protected from possible airstrikes, a leading hardline newspaper reported on Sunday in another show of defiance against Western pressure to rein in Tehran's nuclear program. Another newspaper quoted Revolutionary Guard...
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    China syndrome dictates Barack Obama's Asia-Pacific strategy

    President Barack Obama and General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff (right) outline the US defence strategy at the Pentagon - without mentioning China Photograph: Greg E. Mathieson, Sr/Rex Features Barack Obama made a special trip to the Pentagon this week to unveil...
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    Iran, US and Israel announce new war games as tensions rise in the Gulf

    Tensions on the oil shipping lanes in the Gulf have escalated with the announcement of new naval exercises by Iran's Revolutionary Guards and news that Israel and the US are planning to carry out extensive joint manoeuvres in the region. The naval commander for the Islamic Revolutionary...
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    Tibetans set fire to themselves in China to demand return of Dalai Lama

    A Tibetan burned himself to death and another was taken away by the authorities on Friday as the number of self-immolation protests against China's rule rose to 14 since March, exile groups said . The two cases near Kirti Monastery in Aba, Sichuan Province, come days before Britain and China...

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