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  1. wali87

    Govt wants establishment to endorse IMF conditions at an NSC meeting or it will step down

    As long as the establishment keeps interfering in the politics of this country, this country will never prosper, not economically nor politically. That’s the bottom line. I don’t think they will ever stop tho, been happening since 1952. Imran was selected and made pm by establishment and now...
  2. wali87

    It is better to go to Afghanistan than to stay with the present government, KP CM Mahmood Khan

    in the thirst for power this party is willing to go to any extent. Absolutely despicable. I did not expect this from pti. Khan saying he’s rather see the country nuked while his Cm wants to move to Afghanistan. Sad state of affairs on part of pTi
  3. wali87

    Pakistan to scrap law allowing dual-national overseas Pakistanis to vote

    If an overseas Pakistani is living in Pakistan for a certain period of time and paying taxes, he/she should certainly be allowed to vote. The ones who live here for sometime, have a realistic understanding of situation on ground as compared to those who rely on hearsay. That should be the law...
  4. wali87

    Foreign Policy if PTI wins again.

    Highly doubt pti will win the upcoming elections. At most it will secure 70 seats +-5. The entire military establishment has turned against him with the exception of CC Peshawar and some of his comrades. Thanks to contsant propaganda against the army brass by Pti.
  5. wali87

    Attack on Shabaz Gill (PTI) vehicle on Highway hit and run from behind

    The fender would’ve been destroyed if it was hit considering the build quality of Tucson. It’s dented from the rolling over. The point is he mentioned clearly that their car was hit from the rear end. Fenders are on the side but anyhow that’s just my opinion, people are free to believe what they...
  6. wali87

    Attack on Shabaz Gill (PTI) vehicle on Highway hit and run from behind

  7. wali87

    Attack on Shabaz Gill (PTI) vehicle on Highway hit and run from behind

    Strange part is that Mr. Shahbaz mentioned that his car was hit from behind, whereas by looking at the video, It appears that there is no damage to the rear end of the car. It’s completely intact. It’s more like negligence on part of the driver and Mr. Shahbaz is trying to get political mileage...
  8. wali87

    I Know India better than all other Pakistanis enjoyed “love and respect” from the country : Imran Khan shares his vision for future foreign relations

    Wow. The lengths these politicians go to for the sake of power. Our country can never produce a just leader with morals and ethics, under the umbrella of the mil estab. Truly unfortunate that the only criteria to become a successful politician in Pakistan is to please then army. The rest is all...
  9. wali87

    Will Imran Khan Return to Power After US Coup?

    The current government is made up of thieves who have been robbing the country for decades, no doubt about it. Robbing the country is their only agenda, whether ppp or pml. However the sad truth is that Imran’s performance was way below par in the 3.5 years he had. Record devaluation, inflation...
  10. wali87

    PM Imran Khan vs Opposition No Confidence Vote- Updates and Discussion

    I would say ppp, zardari and his son. These two wanted to get foreign ministry and presidency based on their 41 na seats. But now that elections are taking place, they won’t get such powerful posts even if they form a coalition
  11. wali87

    Speculation: Maulana Fazal-Ur-Rehman Candidate Of Presidency of Pakistan

    Agar Diesel Jaise loag President ban sakte hain toh Es mulk ka Allah hi Hafiz hai.
  12. wali87

    Islamabad main "Kaanpein taang rahi hain"?

    Zaleel hoke waapis jayein he yeh ppp ke choor luteray. Yeh loag mutmayeen beyghairat hain. The total amount of people they managed to muster at D chowk was a mere 5-10k at max.
  13. wali87

    Opposition submits no-trust motion against PM Imran

    InshAllah this no confidence movement will fail aur zaleel hoke waapis jayein ge yeh ppp ke chor looteray.
  14. wali87

    New PAF Squadron 'Saf Shikan' Makes Appearance

    😂 atleast someone understood the sarcasm.
  15. wali87

    New PAF Squadron 'Saf Shikan' Makes Appearance

    We should fully utilise these Mirages. After their retirement, convert them old ones into UAVs and load them them with as much munitions as possible for Kamikazee style attacks. As for the Rose upgraded ones, make sure the complete their century.
  16. wali87

    No trust motion against Imran Khan

    Imran Khan performance has been wayy below par. Rising inflation, screws up the foreign exchange no mega projects. There’s a long list of his failures. However having said that, I would still prefer Him or some other tom dick Harry third person over Zardari and Nawaz anyday. Particularly...
  17. wali87

    IAF's Mega Show 'Vayu Shakti' on March 5; 150 jets including Rafale to roar on Pak border

    Fantaaaatic tea will be waiting at the border.
  18. wali87

    Prove your loyalty to Kashmiri Muslims

    What does it matter. The government and our current top brass has already given up Kashmir to the Indians. The time to act was when Indians absorbed IOK but all our side did was pay a lip service and that was that. What they should’ve done was armed and supported the Kashmiri freedom fighters...
  19. wali87

    Which side should Pakistan support in Russia-Ukraine war?

    humain beygaani shaadi Main dewaana Abdullah nahi banna chahiye.
  20. wali87

    Latest update on PIA

    The most shi ttiest airline in the world. Despite it being the worst airline in the world I gave it several chances just because it is our national carrier. However after the last two experiences, I promised myself never to waste my money on Pia. Every few years they try to lure back people with...

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