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  1. HaMoTZeMaS

    Sahibzada Hamid Raza.. not coming slow Towards Pakistan

    Al Quds Conference 2022 Sahibzada Hamid Raza Sunni Ittehad Council Pakistan Exposed Everything very comprehensive and precise... @waz @Black.Mamba @PAKISTANFOREVER @Imran Khan @IceCold @SIPRA @Cash GK @Mugen @Path-Finder @Big_bud
  2. HaMoTZeMaS

    Govt. initiated Mardum Shumari (Census) to prevent Elections this year

    Finally, Govt has taken bold step to prevent IK to have Elections this year. Civil War is coming faster than our imaginations Brace yourselves.. These crooks will do everything to Prevent Elections no matter what price the Pakistan State has to pay @RescueRanger @waz @Menace2Society...
  3. HaMoTZeMaS

    UN to vote on justification of "veto use"

    This is an acknowledgement of shift in balance of Global Power and there is no more single Super Power World we used to live in Are we seeing that, there will be no more Veto Card by super powers in future? I foresee some major actions to be taken against Russia, which could be nullified...
  4. HaMoTZeMaS

    Breaking: A Sudden Call to Showbazz during Live Press Conference

    Can some one translate the Face Expression please Gi Woo Gi Woo.. Here it comes
  5. HaMoTZeMaS

    Pakistan Need a Resolution

    I demand, being a citizen of Pakistan, Medically severely Unfits cannot Contest for Elections Case Study: How can blood cancer suffering Shahbaz Shareef steer Pakistan in right Direction. Medically Incapable
  6. HaMoTZeMaS

    Houthi attacked Jeddah: Fire breaks out at Aramco plant

    Personally, Heard two blasts possibly at the moment of hitting target. Also, possible, more than two projectiles were launched (two definite hit targets), because news of interception by AD also reported by online videos. Not long ago, Pat batteries has been removed from Saudi Arabia...
  7. HaMoTZeMaS

    انقلاب ? Inqilab ? Revolution ?

    Are we passing through this time of CHANGE (Inqilab) in Pakistan Time to change (rotten/outdated/obsolete) Constitution ?
  8. HaMoTZeMaS

    Opinion: "25 December" Mian Nawaz (not) Sharif Birthday is Approaching Fast

    Those who are getting confused and going frenzy in search of understanding What in The Hell is going on in Pakistan... Let's start by thinking that.. Mian Sanp is expecting to celebrate birthday And it will be a marvelous scene and superb gift if Mian Sanp roam and breath freely on carpeted...
  9. HaMoTZeMaS

    ‘Inconceivable’ Australia would not join US to defend Taiwan

    It would be “inconceivable” for Australia not to join the United States should Washington take action to defend Taiwan, Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton said on Saturday. On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the United States and its allies would take unspecified...
  10. HaMoTZeMaS

    As the Taliban's takeover continues, the world calls for sanctions on Pakistan

    I don't wanna say anything for this crap A group of Afghani's need to shut their hole, rest we are gonna make enough holes that they will spend rest of their lives filling them As the Taliban's takeover continues, the world calls for sanctions on Pakistan | TheHill World calls for sanction on...
  11. HaMoTZeMaS

    2014: Words' of General Hamid Gul

    I cannot stop myself from sharing it once again. The current events bring back those words and are resonating in my mind :D Jump @ 31:31
  12. HaMoTZeMaS

    Cihat Yaycı claims Greece ordered the Kurds to start forest fires in Turkey

    Its so unbelievable, but How some humans can fall so Low to destroy even their own planet Cihat Yaycı Claims Greece Ordered The Kurds To Start Forest Fires In Turkey — Greek City Times This is beyond terrorism to me. The “Blue Homeland” theorist blames Greece for the fires in Turkey |...
  13. HaMoTZeMaS

    Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday visited the Diamer-Bhasha

    As per details, the prime minister, who is in Gilgit Baltistan on the occasion of the National Day celebrations of the region, visited the Diamer Bhasha Dam site where he was briefed on the ongoing development work by Chairman WAPDA Lt. General retried Muzammil Hussain. On the occasion, PM...
  14. HaMoTZeMaS

    Israel's Mossad 'obtains Chinese vaccine' in bid to fight pandemic

    "ISRAELI intelligence agency Mossad has brought China's coronavirus vaccine back to Israel for research purposes, according to media reports." https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1352728/coronavirus-vaccine-china-vaccine-Israel-mossad-covid19 Israeli intelligence agency Mossad acquires...
  15. HaMoTZeMaS

    Dear All relevents Please Look into the poster/uploader

    Who are these making and uploading such content @WebMaster @waz @Path-Finder https://www.facebook.com/mhr.hasla This user Uploaded the video of ambush on convey I THINK recently And pretending as a supporter of Pak Army Check a video he uploaded 11 hours ago
  16. HaMoTZeMaS

    Featured Pakistan overwhelmingly wins election to the UN HRC with 169 Votes out of 193

    https://www.app.com.pk/latest-news/pakistan-wins-election-to-the-un-human-rights-council/ Pakistan on Tuesday was re-elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) with an overwhelming majority securing 169 votes in the 193-member UN General Assembly. Elections were held in New York...
  17. HaMoTZeMaS

    Lahore CCPO recommends court martial of cops

    LAHORE: Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore Umar Sheikh has recommended court martial of cops on the pattern of the armed forces deeming the prevailing rules of Police Department not effective enough to prevent frequent misconducts. The CCPO wants to bring about reforms in the police...
  18. HaMoTZeMaS

    Modi took birth twice – first on 29th August 1949 and second on 17th September 1950 [ Ye to Lol ho gyaa]

    Home department Sleeping or Intentionally inventing Material for Mock up of their PM? Seriously tho..
  19. HaMoTZeMaS

    CPO Lahore Umar Sheikh Exclusive interview

    A seasoned officer of the Police Service of Pakistan Muhammad Umar Sheikh has been appointed as Lahore Capital City Police Officer. The officer took charge of his new assignment on Wednesday. The new Lahore Police Commander was welcomed by DIG (Investigations) Shahzada Sultan, DIG...
  20. HaMoTZeMaS

    At popular Jerusalem promenade, archaeologists find a First Temple-era palace

    Rare column heads located at Armon Hanatziv walkway, indicating residents of ancient city found their fortunes outside the walls after easing of Assyrian siege 2,700 years ago > Right next day of "deal" ? Coincidence Archaeologists have uncovered majestic column heads from a First Temple-era...

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