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  1. wali87

    Pakistan Debt surges by 40 percent.

  2. wali87

    Pakistan's defence budget surpasses $9 Billion. Budget 2017

    Defence budget of Pakistan has crossed the 9Billion dollar mark, hopefully our defence forces can now look to procure some new equipment. Army is doing well and so is the Navy with 8 new subs on their way however, our airforce is in dire need of a new platform whether our air chief admits it or...
  3. wali87

    Which party in your opinio will score highestes number of seats in elections 2018?

    As we all are aware that there are only three major national parties in Pakistan, which one in your opinion is most likely to secure the highest number of National Assembly seats in the upcoming elections. Let's all put our personal choices aside and conduct a realistic speculation. I...
  4. wali87

    New US foreign Policy, 'non-interventionist''

    President-elect Donald Trump laid out a US military policy on Tuesday that would avoid interventions in foreign conflicts and instead focus heavily on defeating the Islamic State militancy. In the latest stop on a "thank you" tour of states critical to his November 8 election win, Trump...
  5. wali87

    Should Pakistan acquire more C-130?

    It is rather odd that the Airforce hasn't made efforts to enhance or increase its tactical lift fleet. I think we have around 18 planes and considering some of them are from the 70s and 80s, its about time we got some new of these C130s. Its a proven aircraft and PAF is well acquainted with it...
  6. wali87

    Is the Navy Planning on procuring replacements for P3-Cs?

    Does the Navy have any plans of buying replacements for the two P-3Cs lost to terrorism? Considering Pakistan's sea limits have almost doubled, Pakistan Navy's surveillance aircrafts fleet is dwindling. It must act fast and fill up the gap. P3s going to be obsolete soon and Indians are moving...
  7. wali87

    Anti Gravity technology - Edleed

    I ve always believed that education system present in the world today provides us very limited knowledge. In a way it teaches us to become better slaves rather than think outside the box in every aspect of life. Although majority of you will not concur with my idea but for those of you who...
  8. wali87

    Is Modern Democracy the best form of government today?

    Is modern Democracy the best form of government today? why do you think its the only solution to problems? and if there are any other types of government which could be followed today? what are they?

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