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  1. TsAr

    New BW20 Roller-Delayed Battle Rifle from Pakistan Ordnance Factories

    New BW20 Roller-Delayed Battle Rifle from Pakistan Ordnance Factories If we take an honest look at firearms these days, it is easy to see that now, in 21 century, there is significantly less diversity in weapon design compared to 50s or 60s. Everything we see now are gas-operated rifles based...
  2. TsAr

    Lt General Tariq Interview with Arshad Sharif

    An excellent interview giving an insight on the operations against TTP. A true soldier.
  3. TsAr

    US submarine hit underwater seamount in South China Sea

    US submarine hits underwater object in South China Sea A US nuclear powered submarine struck an object underwater in the South China Sea on Saturday, according to two defense officials. A number of sailors on board the USS Connecticut were injured in the accident, the officials said. None of...
  4. TsAr

    Getting number change on Nadra Issued Punjab Arms License

    How difficult is it to get your gun number changed on your nadra issued guns license? What are the documents required and procedure? @Foxtrot Alpha
  5. TsAr

    Analysis by RUSI think tank

    https://hushkit.net/2018/01/25/so-how-good-is-pakistans-jf-17-fighter-analysis-from-rusi-think-tanks-justin-bronk/ Created in China, perhaps based on an Russian idea, the JF-17 is solely in service with the Pakistan Air Force. Comparable in thrust and weight levels to the Swedish Gripen, the...
  6. TsAr

    Eid Greetings Everyone

    Eid Mubarak to every member, stay blessed @Tps43 @Oscar @airomerix @Khafee @Knuckles @Hodor @HRK @MastanKhan @Armchair @Joe Shearer @fatman17 @TOPGUN @Signalian @Bilal Khan 777 @Bilal Khan (Quwa)
  7. TsAr

    Indigenous "Kaveri" Project shelved by DRODO?

    https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/let-them-take-flight/article26502547.ece?homepage=true At the Aero-India 2019 airshow and aviation exhibition, held in Bengaluru last month, there were two developments of significance, for India’s national security as well its moribund aeronautical...
  8. TsAr

    Can a Fighter shot down a A2A missile?

  9. TsAr

    A History of the Pakistan Army: Wars and Insurrections

    Would anyone have the PDF version of the fourth edition?
  10. TsAr

    Lacklustre Performance by Indian Intelligence!!

    US 'warned India' about Mumbai Here is what BBC reported. "The US warned India about a possible threat at least a month before last week's Mumbai attacks, US media have quoted unnamed officials as saying." Now if they were warned about this then the question arises what were the Indian...

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