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  1. ashokdeiva

    Pakistanis breaking their TV out of frustration

    we fight our rival, we win them and then we make peace with them and make a little of each other. but the limit should not be exceeded that it turns to be hatred. any way as you say you are having fun, i leave it to you hoping that you are mature enough not to invite hatred from the brothers...
  2. ashokdeiva

    Pakistanis breaking their TV out of frustration

    sorry mate, every political setup in most developing or to say the third world countries are fucked up. and besides in a country like yours were the civilian structure fears every day on a coup by the army, dont tell me that nawaz is bending over to the pm of India.
  3. ashokdeiva

    Pakistanis breaking their TV out of frustration

    and fellow Indians, stop rubbing salt in the wounds man. There was a humongous pressure on the Pakistani Team to win this match and the team succumbed to that pressure. This can happen to any team.
  4. ashokdeiva

    Pakistanis breaking their TV out of frustration

    with a compromised PCB, I wonder why do you guys even participate in the World Cup. is treason not punishable in your country? come on man India won, develop a sense of sportsmanship to congratulate the winning team even if they are from your arch rival country. I am sure that not all Pakistanis...
  5. ashokdeiva

    India must stop purchasing arms from Israel-AAP

    I wonder what should one do to prove his nationlism? agree to killings or support the killers. Human Rights comes above nationalism. and if I see this article. This was published when Isreal was on an offencive with disproportionate strike against civilian targets. And I see this article...
  6. ashokdeiva

    Well Done India

    all the best, i wish that Pakistan beat others in the group to reach the quater final. lets hope that we meet again in the field in this world cup in semis or finals. love your gesture
  7. ashokdeiva

    Pakistanis breaking their TV out of frustration

    every one including you know that one person (unless he is the president or prime minister of a country) does not represent the countries view as a whole. so lets not loose our dignity by taking a dig at the loosing team. after all its just a game. I returned to defence.pk after this long and...
  8. ashokdeiva

    Hafiz Saeed on TV Threatens Terror Attacks Against India

    my fellow Indians, this is not a place to try to make our priorities as Pakistans first order of business at this juncture. They have to take measures to ensure that terrorism against their people is dealt with first, I am sure they have had their understanding how non state actors with out...
  9. ashokdeiva

    Burma is for Buddhists

    Though this is not a forum to bring in hatred, i fell it to be funny that you of all (the nation) that is accused of genocide against Humanity is giving lectures about shamelessness. Go figure
  10. ashokdeiva

    why don't the religous leaders come out and condemn this brutality

    Guys, religion is a commodity.. it goes to Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, etc. . every religion that is out there. The sellers benefit the buyers loose. Today we are morning the attack on school, But we forget to morn when Sri Lankan army bombed Chencholai School in 2009. With the advent of...
  11. ashokdeiva

    Burma is for Buddhists

    so India and China are sponsoring state terrorism, the way they did in Sri Lanka. For geo political reason these two nations will fun state terrorism against people who stand up and say enough is enough.
  12. ashokdeiva

    Burma is for Buddhists

    Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and stupids thats what I can come up with. come on guys. Human Rights violation were ever it happens in the name of law, religion, ethnicity, color, etc has to be condemned. People who ask for revenge or death penalty do not understand that its not the solution.
  13. ashokdeiva

    I want revenge

    with out control on arms and ammunition that are sold in open markets near the borders of Pakistan and Afganistan, we can not control the menace. Make a law that ensures swift punishment for any one who owns assault weapons of military grade
  14. ashokdeiva

    3 Chinese smartphone brands among global Top 5

    Congrats to all the companies. But I got to say that the life cycle to switch between phones these days has increased a lot. People do not utilize the phones to its full life which means that we are consuming more resources faster than the planet can consume and generate raw material from the...
  15. ashokdeiva

    India PMO unconcerned about scientist deaths

    If any scientist who publishes a paper about the safety of Indian Nuclear Program and amount of foreign involvment in selling us reactors of poor quality is detected, the stake holders (politicians and buracrats) send hit squads in INDIA. This incident is a pure inside job and its not for the...
  16. ashokdeiva

    Sri Lanka Pakistan Nuclear Deal Soon

    sorry, I disagree, they are good at screwing INDIA and we were poor at diplomacy and show of power that we dilibratly knowing the SL is a enemy country we supported the m and now its time that we reap the benifits of supporting a person like Rajapakshe who said the following about INDIA
  17. ashokdeiva

    Shouldn’t Tamil Eelam be in Tamil Nadu?

    Diplomacy at the cost of 1400000, oh yes, Killing one is called murder around the world and killing in thousands is called foreign policy
  18. ashokdeiva

    Shouldn’t Tamil Eelam be in Tamil Nadu?

    Why did INDIA involve itself in 1971. because we thought of dividing our enemy was in our strategic interest or was it because of the genocide in East Pakistan. If the first was the reason, then INDIA is a Rouge state Fear!!! We were the ones who tought the world how to fight brave till the...
  19. ashokdeiva

    Shouldn’t Tamil Eelam be in Tamil Nadu?

    I am not talking about own country but if policy makers at center think that we will keep quite on what ever policies related to Tamils can be taken at their own with out taking Tamil aspiration into account then they will have to face the treasury deficit with out TN tax money
  20. ashokdeiva

    Shouldn’t Tamil Eelam be in Tamil Nadu?

    Will INDIA do the bolded part? Besides, the more the Tamil interests are not reviewed at Center, the more the treason from Tamils might take place as INDIA is putting them to that position. I am least bothered about INDIAN companies. For them money only matters not life of people.

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