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  1. nangyale

    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    In front of such geniuses I agree I am clueless. I am sure everyone will take you as the absolute authority on economics and finance, as you have proved your acumen beyond any doubt.
  2. nangyale

    No removal of subsidies before IMF talks

    To which Bajwa will reply, that I have completed the task assigned to me by Lu. Now you clean up the shit while I am away to pastures new (only need to wait till October)
  3. nangyale

    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    You can substitute Chinese for Japanese, the Brits or American oligarchs. The bottom line is that money needs to be borrowed.
  4. nangyale

    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    Ofcourse this is true. The US is trillions of dollars in debt and on top they are running a budget deficit. Meaning they don't have the money to balance their books. Let alone pay Ukraine's war expenditure.
  5. nangyale

    Despite being part of the Quad, India sustained pressure from the US and bought discounted Russian oil to provide relief to the masses: Imran Khan

    Pakistan's best bet was to work with China in developing Pakistan's human resources. The US has already bet everything on India and no matter what General Dollars do, the best US will offer would be to become sidekick to the regional hegemon i-e India.
  6. nangyale

    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    again read my earlier "the best place to destroy airplanes is on the ground". That is when you are not afraid of escalation.
  7. nangyale

    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    You do realise that planes take off and land on something called an airbase or airfield. That's the thing you target when you want to deny your enemy. Haven't you heard that "the best place to destroy an airplane is on the ground".
  8. nangyale

    IB official martyred in Peshawar

    When your Spih salar is a traitor and busy with suppressing patriots, this is bound to happen. All the shaheed coffins should be placed at the gates of Bajwa's office. Let him see the result of his treachery every day.
  9. nangyale

    PM Shehbaz is holding Zoom meetings to "arrest" Rs fall...

    General Neutral has taken an excellent start.
  10. nangyale

    Police targeted using IED Bomb in Karachi

    Explosives detection is not novel. It can and is done in sensitive areas e.g airports. For general population the most affective way is counterintelligence as suggested by @RescueRanger But unfortunately Pakistan's premium security agency is busy firefighting IKs revolution and being neutral...
  11. nangyale

    Govt faces our leftover burden, will soon 'die under its weight': Sheikh Rashid

    The devil (instigators of this coup) promises a lot but delivers nothing. Curse yourselves Bajwa and PDM for believing.
  12. nangyale

    DG ISI Lt-Gen Nadeem Anjum holds security talks with CIA Director and US NSA in Washington

    Somebody give a map to General Bajwa, and tell him that no matter how much he bend over. Pakistan cannot become America's front line proxy for the war in Ukraine. Receiving the threat letter made Bajwa believe he is going to be the new General Musharraf. But unfortunately for him geography...
  13. nangyale

    Both myself & Shaukat Tareen had warned the "Neutrals" that if conspiracy succeeded our fragile economic recovery would go into a tailspin: Imran Khan

    Ofcourse we should. It should be taught to every Pakistani that you do the role you are assigned to do. For Army it's protection of the government, people and state of Pakistan. Not being the salesperson of the blood, honour and treasure of the country.
  14. nangyale

    Historical Chicken price 55 rupees increase in just 1 day under pmln govt

    The chickens are coming home to roost.
  15. nangyale

    Reconstructing the American coup. ( Role of local collaborators the local collaborators).

    One can only hope. But I believe most of the corps commanders are on the one hand threatened and bullyied by isi, while at the same time cajoled not to go against the chain of command. Bajwa declaring that he is not going to take another extension is also part of this ploy.
  16. nangyale

    Reconstructing the American coup. ( Role of local collaborators the local collaborators).

    Actually I would say that the most important part player in this conspiracy was General Bajwa. It's a shame that everyone can see that Pak Army is lead by a traitor today, yet no body has the courage to say so. The silence is defeaning, and censorship disheartening, including on this forum.
  17. nangyale

    Pakistan's new FM Bilawal Bhutto receives call from U.S. Secretary of State.

    Is the US secretary of state doing a victory lap.
  18. nangyale

    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    Have a good day at work. Thanks for your untiring efforts in debunking the Western propaganda here.
  19. nangyale

    We lost 2 more jawans in Waziristan today

    General Bajwa says. Hanuz Pindi door ast.
  20. nangyale

    Heads of 40 intelligence agencies arriving India, Pak & China not included

    I am sure General Bajwa will give the surrender orders if only Donald Lu flashed a few more dollars. Afterall he has already declared the Pakistani military to be neutral when it comes to the defence of Pakistan.

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