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    National Security Policy of Pakistan is oxymoronic – Gen. Tariq Khan

    National Security Policy of Pakistan is oxymoronic – Gen. Tariq Khan Writer, Gen. Tariq Khan, who retired as head of Pakistan’s Central Command laments that in Pakistan, if the ‘security of the people' is the mainstay of the National Security Policy, as is defined on page one of the document...
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    Bharatis dreaming of capturing AJK and GB (video)

    This fascist nation absorbed over 500 princely states including brutally invading Junagadh and Hyderabad as explained by their own Sundar lal committee report in 1948. Pakistan establishment can keep burying the past, but the fact remains - india is and will be an ideological and...
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    Muslim women in India horrified to discover website 'selling and auctioning' them

    Jul 06, 2021 A social media user shared an image showing her personal details on Sulli Deal app. Indian women were horrified to see their pictures, Twitter handles and names shared on a website which was "auctioning and selling them" Sunday. The contact details of Muslim women shared on the...
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    #Pakistanstandswithindia - An Irony

    According to a BBC world service poll in 2017, 85% indians expressed a negative view for Pakistan. Another Pew Research Poll in 2017 showed 63% indians supporting more military force on Kashmiris. This was back in 2017. According to TRT, an overwhelming majority of indians on social media...
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    LOC Ceasefire – A humble opinion

    LOC Ceasefire – A humble opinion Absolute respect to Pakistani troops and its civilians who have sacrificed their lives in brutal attacks by the Hindutva army. No one can even think of endangering very precious lives our soldiers and civilians. From a Pakistan perspective, however, this...
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    Real Issues by Dr. Farrukh Saleem

    Real issues Non-issue number 1: Will the MNAs, MPAs and senators belonging to the PPP tender their resignations? Non-issue number 2: Will the PDM undertake a ‘long march’ towards Islamabad? Non-issue number 3: Will the PDM stay united? Real issue number 1: In about two years, the price of...
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    Opinion: Hindutva-Western threat to China Part 2

    Part 1 ventured to explicate the magnitude of threats emanating from Hindutva controlled India to China and Pakistan. It also drew parallel between the fascist Empire of Japan and today’s Hindu supremacist India and how both these vicious monsters of history have had similar aims and a common...
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    Hindutva Threat to China and Pakistan

    This article will explore the perils a fascist, supremacist religious ideology of Hindutva in India poses to China, Pakistan and subsequently to the rest of Asia. Focus of this article is particularly China. It is vital that the readers in no way assume that this phenomenon in India is new. It...
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    Lack of aggression from Pakistan?

    Lack of aggression from Pakistan? Sun Tzu in his famous Art of War says, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” The scope of this article is to examine as to why Pakistan’s responses to chaos within and around Hindutva led India - particularly concerning the purely self-defensive...
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    Conflict is inevitable

    (Mods, can you move it to the magazine section?) Conflict is inevitable This article will venture to explain as to why and how Pakistan might find itself in a limited military engagement with India if not all out war soon. It is an absolute fallacy on the part of the group of people who believe...
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    History of massacre of muslims in Alwar and Bharatpur (Rajishthan)

    Alwar's Long History of Hindutva Casts a Shadow Even Today Forced conversions coupled with the anti-Muslim leanings of the rulers of both Alwar and Bharatpur are behind the community virtually disappearing from the area at the time of Partition. Kannan Srinivasan HISTORY 29/JAN/2018 Alwar...
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    Soldiers of God- US covert war in Afghanistan 1979

    Alternative link, http://war.docuwat.ch/videos/cold-war/cold-war-20-soldiers-of-god/?channel_id=0
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    Turkish defense companies a casualty of Egyptian coup?

    Burak BEKDİL Turkish arms manufacturers are concerned about losing one of their most substantial markets after the ouster of Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, who had warm political ties with Ankara ANKA unmanned aerial vehicles built by Turkish Aerospace Industries...
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    A world without America (Video)

    :cheesy::cheesy::cheesy::cheesy: Alternative link - http://www.********.com/view?i=638_1358017629
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    10 Countries with the toughest laws

    Whichever country you are in, you should be extra careful with the laws that govern the land. It is a must that you review the basic laws to the strictest ones so you will be more cautious with your activities while you are in a foreign land. Whether you are up for something illegal or not, you...
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    We rigged elections: Ex PML-N worker- video.

    Is this guy speaking the truth?
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    Most racist countries in the world - Map

    When two Swedish economists set out to examine whether economic freedom made people any more or less racist, they knew how they would gauge economic freedom, but they needed to find a way to measure a country’s level of racial tolerance. So they turned to something called the World Values...

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