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  1. IndoCarib

    India set to be UNSC non-permanent member

    New Delhi: India Friday said it will seek to address the challenges facing the world today as “frictions have increased” as New Delhi geared up to join the UN Security Council (UNSC) as a non-permanent member. India is the single endorsed candidate for the Asia-Pacific seat in the non-permanent...
  2. IndoCarib

    Spelling the Dream review: Decoding the Indian magic

    There’s no way that you will not be impressed by the kids featured in Netflix’s latest documentary Spelling the Dream. Here, we see how the Indian Americans have dominated the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition for decades now, and their hold on the title is just getting stronger every...
  3. IndoCarib

    India gets US invite to attend G7 summit

    NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi got an invitation from U.S. President Donald Trump to attend the next Group of Seven summit, India’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said on Tuesday. Over a telephone call, Modi told Trump that New Delhi would be happy to work with the United...
  4. IndoCarib

    Fact Check: Viral claim of China killing 158 Indian jawans is a three-year-old fake

    Amid the ongoing India-China border standoff, a viral post, along with an image of army vehicles on fire, is circulating on social media with the claim that 158 Indian soldiers were killed in a rocket attack by the Chinese army in Sikkim. Several Facebook users have shared the picture with...
  5. IndoCarib

    State-backed Pakistan netizens target UAE after Abu Dhabi blocks Islamabad's move in OIC

    NEW DELHI: Alleged state-backed Pakistani netizens in a bizarre move have backed Turkey bandwagon trending ‘Boycott UAE’ on Twitter after a Turkey-based account asked Pakistani’s to trend the hashtag highlighting the strengthening relationship between India and the UAE. This was a day after UAE...
  6. IndoCarib

    Border Situation With India "Overall Stable And Controllable", Says China

    Beijing: China on Wednesday said that the situation at the border with India is "overall stable and controllable", and both the countries have proper mechanisms and communication channels to resolve the issues through a dialogue and consultation. The comments by the Foreign Ministry spokesman...
  7. IndoCarib

    India firm, won’t step back from areas where Chinese troops have intruded

  8. IndoCarib

    Sri Lanka requests India for currency swap arrangement of up to $1.1 billion

    Sri Lanka has requested India for a currency swap arrangement to the tune of $1.1 billion to ease pressures related to foreign currency reserves — seen as a fallout of the covid-19 pandemic devastating the tourism industry in the island nation. This new request of $1.1 billion is separate from...
  9. IndoCarib

    India moves more troops to bolster frontline in east Ladakh

    NEW DELHI: The Indian Army has taken "requisite counter-meas .. Read more at: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/75928460.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
  10. IndoCarib

    German footwear maker to shift production to India from China

    Casa Everz Gmbh has decided to shift its entire production from China to India The German company has 18 manufacturing units with its 12 licensees across the globe, including Europe, with products selling in over 80 countries NEW DELHI : Casa Everz Gmbh, the owner of Germany-based healthy...
  11. IndoCarib

    Malaysia signs record rice import deal with India: Exporters

    MUMBAI (REUTERS) - Malaysia has contracted to import a record 100,000 tonnes of rice from India for shipment this month and next, four industry officials told Reuters, in a further sign of improving trade relations between the countries after a diplomatic spat. The first such purchase this year...
  12. IndoCarib

    ‘Factually incorrect’: Maldives shoots down Pakistan’s attempt to target India on Islamophobia at IO

    Male/New Delhi: The Maldives halted Pakistan's attempt to target India on Islamophobia at a meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) on Friday. Ambassador Thilmeeza Hussain, the Permanent Representative of the Maldives in New York at the OIC meet said, singling out India, which...
  13. IndoCarib

    Concerns grow among Rohingya in Malaysia as online threats intensify

    KUALA LUMPUR: Rohingya refugees in Malaysia said on Tuesday that they were “living in fear,” following a slew of online hate speech and xenophobia, prompting several local and international rights groups to urge the Malaysian government to take action. “If I comment further about our plight, I...
  14. IndoCarib

    Imran Khan orders inquiry into import of drugs from India despite ban

    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has tasked Adviser on Interior Affairs Barrister Shahzad Akbar to probe into the misuse of permission regarding the import of life-saving drugs from India. Following the change of status of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) last year by the Modi government, the...
  15. IndoCarib

    Chinese Media Post On Mount Everest Sparks Twitter Fight With Nepal

    Kathmandu: The tweet of Beijing's state-run media agency - China Global Television Network (CGTN) - on May 2 claiming that the Mount Everest is on its side has drawn wide criticism in Nepal with the people reacting aggressively to the post. CGTN's tweet claiming Mount Everest entirely on its...
  16. IndoCarib

    India To Launch World's Largest Evacuation On Thursday

    Over 14,800 Indians in 13 countries will be brought back by 64 flights in the first week, says the foreign ministry. "We will be bringing back only Indian citizens, no OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card holders," say sources. On the first day of evacuation on May 7, 10 flights will bring...
  17. IndoCarib

    India Offers Land Twice Luxembourg's Size To Firms Leaving China: Report

    India is developing a land pool nearly double the size of Luxembourg to lure businesses moving out of China, according to people with knowledge of the matter. A total area of 461,589 hectares has been identified across the country for the purpose, the people said, asking not to be identified...
  18. IndoCarib

    India fast-tracks Covid-19 fighting drug supplies to UAE

    India is fast-tracking procedures to supply over 30 million hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) tablets, a drug found to be efficient in fighting Covid-19, to the UAE, Indian ambassador told Khaleej Times. "There was a request from the government of the UAE and we have agreed to fast track it." The...
  19. IndoCarib

    Why the world is hungry for a coronavirus drug made in India

    Hydroxychloroquine is an anti-malarial drug produced mostly in India, and pushed by US President Trump as a COVID-19 treatment, despite limited clinical evidence it is effective. Now other countries have joined the hype. India is the world's biggest manufacturer of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), an...

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