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  1. WarKa DaNG

    General Hameed Gul message.. (Nobody could have imagined how true each and every word is, he knew what people didn't at that time).

    Gone are the days of "Eating grass to build the bomb" now it is just "Selling the bomb to eat some dollars"
  2. WarKa DaNG

    US defence analyst ‘admits’ role of US in ousting Imran Khan

    PDM supporters will still fail to understand it
  3. WarKa DaNG

    Govt. initiated Mardum Shumari (Census) to prevent Elections this year

    People need to seriously take over the courts like the US Capitol they are just bitches of riches we need to truly show them who is in charge in the country maybe lynching a couple of judges on the way out of courts wont hurt Pakistan
  4. WarKa DaNG

    Dirty Politics: Shahzain Bugti's supporters attacked Qasim Suri

    Never in my life supported PTI, it was just never liked the party but now I am like many Pakistanis supporting it in this chaos but the problem is now I am stating facts to my friends/family and they call me youthiya. Atleast some of us are more informed about the situation than others but...
  5. WarKa DaNG

    People in Punjab what they are thinking..

    Ahhh the girl from film Lalaland, yes she should be the First Lady of Banana Republic of Lalaland
  6. WarKa DaNG

    Govt to try President Alvi, ex-PM Imran under Article 6 for ‘violating Constitution’

    So killing, money laundering and corruption are allowed then in the constitution as many of the ministers in the cabinet are on bail
  7. WarKa DaNG

    We lost 2 more jawans in Waziristan today

    Bas drones ko aise hi hangers pe karhe rehne do warna hawa me gum hojaynge
  8. WarKa DaNG

    Nawaz agreed to appoint Bilawal foreign minister of Pakistan

    So they need someone to take their pants off on one phone call
  9. WarKa DaNG

    30+ attacks on Pak LEAs in the past 10 days by TTP et al.

    Sorry to say but Raheel Sharif was far more competent in handling in terorrism than Bajwa
  10. WarKa DaNG

    Shahbaz Sharif booked PIA’s 777 for saudi visit. 74 people including opposition leaders set to travel

    May a SAM missile locks on this aircraft instead of Houthi missile
  11. WarKa DaNG

    Karachi teenager Dua Zehra FOUND (Alive & Married) after multiple days

    At least she is alive. If she was murdered then the whole Pakistan would got shutdown chanting to catch her killers but now she is alive and people are just making fun of it. Tomorrow if another girl goes missing we all would pass it off as run off from home to get married
  12. WarKa DaNG

    Is Pakistan moving towards a Civil Disobedience Movement ?

    We Pakistanis strongly need to peacefully occupy the Supreme Court of Pakistan like Americans did the US Capitol to show them who is the real boss around here in Pakistan.
  13. WarKa DaNG

    Imran Khan vs the Supreme Court: Analyzing the Apex Court’s Verdict

    Courts are just bitches of the riches in Pakistan
  14. WarKa DaNG

    Eight soldiers martyred in North Waziristan attacks

    Inna lillah wa Inna ilaihi Rajioun Bajwa ko kehna ke Drones ka kabhi istemal kar na lein warna kharab hojayge
  15. WarKa DaNG

    Pakistani Beggars

    Dil ko thora sakoon mil gaya hans hans ke aaj
  16. WarKa DaNG

    I thought we were "Na-qaabil-e-taskhir"? Or did I miss something?

    They applied "If you can't beat them, join them" in real life.
  17. WarKa DaNG

    TTP raid on army post Waziristan.

    Establishment should never take out the Nargis drones and Bilawal PGMs because they are just for show

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