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    Pakistan wants to create a self-reliant, self-sustained defense industry

    Can anyone with experience comment? @Oscar @messiach Pakistan wants to create a self-reliant, self-sustained defense industry By: Usman Ansari ISLAMABAD — The Pakistani government is promoting aims to increase public-private cooperation and develop a self-reliant, self-sustained defense...
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    If Naya Pakistan Becomes Reality, Would You Go Back?

    This is a question directed towards Pakistani expats, "If PTI succeeds in establishing Naya Pakistan, would you go back to Pakistan?" What would it take to make you go back? Please share! I would like to see obviously: Improvement in Economy Pakistan becomes Export-Oriented Economy IT...
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    Boosting Pakistan's IT Industry: Initiative for Artificial Intelligence & Computing (PIAIC)

    President Alvi Launches Artificial Computing Initiative (PIAIC) President Arif Alvi launched the Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence & Computing (PIAIC) a few days ago. As per the details, “PIAIC is an interdisciplinary hub for mass education, research, and business in...
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    Pakistan’s exports increase by 7% as production goes up

    Pakistan’s exports increase by 7% as production goes up Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood says Pakistan’s exports have increased by seven per cent as production line had gone up despite difficult environment. Talking to Chairman Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development...
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    PTI - Improvements in Pakistan's Power Grid, Power Crisis

    I wanted to make a thread to track improvements and any news pertaining to the power crises, power sector of Pakistan. Obviously this is one of the most critical issues facing the state. Here are some tweets from Imran Khan regarding Omar Ayub: In case you want to check tweets on daily...
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    A stabilising economy; Reversing the damage

    A little more than 200 days have passed since the PTI took over reins of the country in the midst of the worst economic crisis. It inherited multiple deficits that were allowed to surpass levels that are enough to run any economy to the ground. This article broadly lays out the significant...
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    Asymmetrical War: A Necessity For PN

    I wanted to start a discussion thread on the pressing need for Pakistan Navy to adopt asymmetrical war-fighting strategy in Pakistani waters. The reason for this is obvious and plain for everyone to see. Naval fleet is non-existent, severely lacking firepower. It has eight or nine 3000-4000 ton...
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    Hello All, Nice to be here

    Hi All, It's good to be here. I'm IT guy living in the US, son of Pakistani parents. I'm a defense enthusiast and envision a strong Pakistan. I hope I can contribute ideas and have a good time with people here. Cheers

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