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  1. N.Siddiqui

    Pakistan's GDP at $380 Billion , Per Capita at $1800. Registers 6% growth for 2021-22

    Saudia, China, UAE loans, or rather roll over of earlier loans are also pegged against an IMF deal. IMF wants a big raise in petrol, diesel, electricity charges beforehand. Ideally an interim government can take such difficult decisions. This government is going, gone in days.
  2. N.Siddiqui

    Pakistan's GDP at $380 Billion , Per Capita at $1800. Registers 6% growth for 2021-22

    Pakistan need 9 billion USD in debt payments in next 8 weeks, this is the major issue. A new interim government for 3 months of economist Hafeez Pasha with good advisors and admin will help in preempting a default.
  3. N.Siddiqui

    Pakistan's GDP at $380 Billion , Per Capita at $1800. Registers 6% growth for 2021-22

    The fourth and fifth year of PTI government would have broken and surpassed all previous records regarding GDP growth, in the history of Pakistan. But even now, a PTI government in say next 4 months with a 2/3rd majority is the real deal, will go full throttle with reforms and changes which...
  4. N.Siddiqui

    US offers strong support to rebuild Pakistan’s economy

    Just as US built Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria and dozens of other countries economy. China builds, US bombs.
  5. N.Siddiqui

    Pakistan's GDP at $380 Billion , Per Capita at $1800. Registers 6% growth for 2021-22

    Pakistan was going through some serious phase of industrialization, and not just trade, better than the Ayub Khan era of 60's, with SME, LSM sector growth in double digits. As it is said God plans the best, the awareness and a united stance of the people against this regime change is...
  6. N.Siddiqui

    Pakistan's GDP at $380 Billion , Per Capita at $1800. Registers 6% growth for 2021-22

    Huge and catastrophic setback to Pakistan economy by this most insane and uncalled for regime change, this could have easily been avoided by showing some courage and intelligence, which the Pak establishment lacks. Will take years to break even, looks like regime change is done to destroy Pak...
  7. N.Siddiqui

    Breaking : CJP takes sutomuto action against Govt involvement in prosecution

    This is a landmark and event changing suo moto by the CJP/SC, much needed. Awam rules supreme, each institution now have the courage to take independent decisions, for the people, for the country. If not for the Awam pressure on imported govt. and people support for the Imran Khan and rule of...
  8. N.Siddiqui

    It is better to go to Afghanistan than to stay with the present government, KP CM Mahmood Khan

    Now Afghanistan is more independent than Pakistan, at least the government. Pakistan need to learn from Afghanistan here, how to throw out US, and foreign sponsored regime, western stooges and their handlers.
  9. N.Siddiqui

    India's agriculture exports cross $50 bn in FY22, the highest ever, says Commerce Ministry

    Staple food shortage coming, China is stocking basic food in big quantity. India will feel the heat, literally due to global warming and water shortage, so will Pakistan. Didn't India stopped wheat exports, a good decision.
  10. N.Siddiqui

    Govt to dissolve assembly in 72 hours?Is this true?

    Why is it that always a civilian govt. and a PM like Imran Khan, Benazir and others are dismissed by the Estab. and by Judicial activism. Never heard of any complicit General being dismissed in these conspiracies, earlier...let's set a new precedent by doing this.
  11. N.Siddiqui

    Govt to dissolve assembly in 72 hours?Is this true?

    The billions of dollars lost due to this idiotic misadventure by the Bajwa, Fauj and Estab. should be corrected by cutting the Army budget, their perks and privileges. Enough of these misadventures in last 74 years. There should be yearly deduction from the Army budget till the money is...
  12. N.Siddiqui

    Govt to dissolve assembly in 72 hours?Is this true?

    Will he pick his own cabinet, the current PDM ministers are incompetent, think this is not possible, will have to pick advisors and special assistants.
  13. N.Siddiqui

    Supreme Court Decision on Presidential Reference

    There are still some ambiguity and lacunas. Like suppose PTI had 173 members, and the opposition parties have 154 MNA's. And in the confidence vote taking by the president order about 20 PTI members didn't vote in the selection of the PM. So they didn't caste there votes and they are...
  14. N.Siddiqui

    PML-N has destroyed Pakistan's economy within days

    MBS wasn't picking the Biden phone call. Idiotic of him and Bajwa to bank on Saudia when they knew this is a US sponsored regime change. Didn't knew Bajwa is that senile moron, Knew Generals are thickheaded, not to that extent.
  15. N.Siddiqui

    Stock market crashed, dollar reaches all time high since the new govt came

    What are the chances of US coming up with big dole outs and bigger help to Shahbaz and Zardari, through IMF, others, when Pakistan is at the brink, when a deafult is ominous. And make a huge deal out of it. This could be one game plan of US Biden Admin. to Keep Imran Khan out of the equation...
  16. N.Siddiqui

    PML-N has destroyed Pakistan's economy within days

    PDM: It's not the economy, stupid!! Shahbaz wanted to be the PM, to quash the FIA cases against him, the 16 billion Rs. corruption and the NAB cases, 40 billion Rs. in total. Hamza Sharif wanted this discretionary power as CM as well, wanted the 'Istesna'. Zardari had the same idea, most of...
  17. N.Siddiqui

    Why establishment is not helping PDM govt? Najam Sethi crying again...

    Bajwa and Establishment cannot be trusted even now, by the people and of course by Imran Khan. What if the current Shahbaz, PDM govt. is dismissed through a NCV just like earlier, a reverse move by the Estab. to make it look like Establishment has risen to the demands of Imran Khan and has...
  18. N.Siddiqui

    PTI Faisalabad Jalsa, 15th May, 2022 - Ghulami Namanzoor

    At times the people outside the main ground and main jalsa area creates more impact and is more powerful than the main area. So it was a good thought to place the large screens outside the ground on main roads, and with more people outside, the outdoor attracts passerby's too and people interact...
  19. N.Siddiqui

    Why are dogs paleet in our culture?

    They aren't in Islam, it's a misconception. Yes it's a cultural thing. Across the globe and throughout history, there is ample, undeniable evidence that in the animal kingdom, man’s best friend is a dog. In the story of Surah al-Kahf, the dog was a companion of those young men of the cave...
  20. N.Siddiqui

    What can turn around pakistan?

    By stopping thinking 'what can turn around Pakistan'. If every individual start the change with 'thyself', and stops thinking about changing the 'other' person. And working honestly, with dedication, integrity, in whatever capacity they are working.

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