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  1. Tombstone

    F100-PW-229 EEP engines for Pakistan by 2010

    Thats amazing! Now if only we share this engine with our chinese brothers they would be able to make an exact replica out of it and maybe create a new Pak-china fighter ;) Should be a mix of f-16, JF-17 and J-11 :enjoy:
  2. Tombstone

    Special Silent pistol - PSS (USSR/Russia)

    Russians have always been ahead of the west when it comes to making grade A weapons. Does anyone know if this pistol's speciality effects its deadliness? I mean it sounds like as if it might be weak but im sure thats not the case.
  3. Tombstone

    TYPE 96G MBT - Firepower Showcase

    Nice tanks! Alkhalids brothers ;) Anyone from china here to translate roughly what they are talking about?
  4. Tombstone

    20 Indian fishermen held over encroaching Pak waters

    I dont get this. why do our and indian fishermen keep going into other territory? There should be a proper and solid solution for these problems because most of the time innocent fishermen from both sides become target of our politics. I remember there was this one fishermen who was rott!ng...
  5. Tombstone

    20 Indian fishermen held over encroaching Pak waters

    20 Indian fishermen held over encroaching Pak waters KARACHI: Officials hailing from Maritimes Security Agency (MSA) have claimed arresting at least twenty Indian fishermen over encroaching Pakistani water premises while four fishing vessels were also seized from their possession, MSA sources...
  6. Tombstone

    100 Movies To See Before You Die!

    Oh man now i want to see shawshank redemption again! Ive seen it like a 100 times already and it never gets old! thanks for reminding me keysersoze.
  7. Tombstone

    If voted to power BJP will send army troops to Pakistan: Rajnath Singh

    If this happened in any other country people would never vote for that party. Correct me if im wrong but doesn't that mean that this party is basically trying to say that they are warmongers? Who on earth uses such a stupid publicity stunt to gain votes? I guess BJP does!
  8. Tombstone

    What did i experience/learn/instil/find out today on PDF!!

    Im fairly new here but what I learned was that I can't send PMs to members. I was a fan of this forum for a long time and I always thought that I should be a part of it. but i don't have that much knowledge in military stuff like how you guys do but then I realized that this forum is for...
  9. Tombstone

    what should Iftakhar chouhdry do?

    In my opinion CJ should first of all get rid of the NRO. After that he should work towards providing a better system of justice to the common man. We all know that the condition of justice and courts for the common man is way too frustrating for our awaam. If people will start getting cheap...
  10. Tombstone

    The word 'Bharati'

    Bharti is not an offensive term at all. I have a few Indian friends and I call them Bharti awaam or Bharti bashinday all the time. If they aren't taking offence then why should anyone else?
  11. Tombstone

    Indian court: We dont want Taliban (sic) in country

    first of all the 'Arabic Dress' that you are talking about isn't arabic at all. The idea behind that dress is to wear loose clothes so that a woman's body isn't seen as if it's carved out. It's worn by half a billion muslim women throughout the world so please dont call it the arabic dess...
  12. Tombstone

    US Drone strikes in Pakistan are illegal under international law.

    You can't ignore the negative side of these attacks. How many reaper videos were released to you by the American UAV operation's staff? You must have seen some videos but you cant deny that innocent people are a part of those attacks. Do you remember the time when Pakistan Army's post was...
  13. Pak rangers

    Pak rangers

    Pak rangers about to kick some terrorist A$$
  14. Tombstone

    US Drone strikes in Pakistan are illegal under international law.

    That's awful! Most of the reaper hits must have been wayyyyy off but of course america would always say that suspected militants were hiding in an innocent family's house. I seriously wonder if more insurgents died due to the drone attacks than innocent people.
  15. Tombstone

    Picture of the Day

    hahahaha its about time someone took over the spotlight from 300 :mod:
  16. Tombstone

    Customized F-7P Tail Art

    Good stuff bro! two thumbs up Does anyone know if we use any other artwork for our fighters?
  17. Tombstone

    Israeli Army T-Shirts Mock Killing of Palestinian Women/Children

    This truly is disgusting! But then again what can we expect from them anyway? They are carrying out a genocide for decades now and I think these shirts are just a small reminder of their ignorance, cruelty and evil nature. Im not saying all israelites must be supportive of such nonsense but most...
  18. Tombstone

    Thanks for adding me back. Your posts are great!!

    Thanks for adding me back. Your posts are great!!
  19. Tombstone

    Government of Pakistan should declare a Jihad on the terrorists

    I'd be more than willing to rid the tumor that is hurting my country and providing it with a terminal pain. And trust me, I know a lot more Pakistani's (including myself of course) who're willing to lay their life down for the sake of our country's existence and safety.
  20. Tombstone

    Russia To Help Pakistan Build N-power Plants

    It was sarcasm my friend. :angel:

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