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    Pakistani Rupee Hits 185 Against 1 USD.

    As the title suggests 1 USD is now equivalent to 185 PKR do you think we will hit 200 PKR before Eid or After Eid?
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    Bitcoin smashes $60,000 on its way to hit All Time High

    Seriously, I think we all are gonna witness the magical 6 figure number of $100,000. What do you guys think? Will Ethereum hit $10,000 before Bitcoin? Let me know your thoughts and your fav Crypto Project. :victory...
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    How much money is enough for you?

    The pursuit of wealth is endless, as we all know we need to pay our bills but at the same time, we are spending way too much time and resources on our daily jobs. In all this, we forget to spend the best time of our lives (Youth) just simply pursuing wealth (career). I'd wanted to know how much...
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    Bitcoin hits $52,163.91, what do you think its future will be?

    As most of you may or may not have heard that Bitcoin (BTC) has hit it's All-Time High (ATH) $52,163.91. There were many people who were doubting its potential or were making comparisons with the Tulip bulbs. Now that we have passed that stage what do you guys think? will it hit $100,000? Who...
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    If Pakistan had money would the western countries sell their weapons to us?

    Although I am not a big fan of importing defense-related products as you can never become self-reliant and will always be at the mercy of the seller. However, not everyone can produce a state of the art equipment for example 5th Generation Fighter jets. As you may know, India has received its 5...
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    What is your favourite Dog's breed and why?

    I personally would like to have a German Shepard (double coat) with a heavy bone structure because I think they are a perfect blend of obedience and strength. They are also naturally suited for the Pakistani environment. But one day I'd love to have Samoyed I think they are the best-looking...
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    PM Imran assures Erdogan of Pakistan’s support, solidarity over Turkey's Syria operation

    Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday telephoned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to express solidarity and support for Ankara as it faces international pressure over Turkey's ongoing operation against Kurdish forces in Syria. The premier during the conversation told the Turkish president...
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    How Pakistani citizens across the globe should retaliate against Kashmiri Genocide?

    Enough with all these table talks and strategies. We need to hurt our enemy where it really hurts. I'd like to request all our Pakistani diaspora and any ordinary Pakistani to stop buying any product which is coming out of this racist and fascist regime. Even if you have to pay extra for the...
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    Pakistani cizitenship issue - Biting the very hand that feeds you.

    Disclaimer: I have always supported IK as long as I have seen him participating in politics and was even having euphoria when he was elected as our PM. Just recently IK announced to offer Pakistani citizenship to Bengalis and Afghans who have been living in Pakistan for more than four decades...
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    Attempts being made to free Indian soldier from Pakistani cutsody: Rajnath Singh

    ISLAMABAD: All attempts are being made to secure the release of an Indian soldier who was captured by the Pakistan Army at the Line of Control, The Indian Express quoted Home Minister Rajnath Singh as saying on Friday. While the Indian side maintains the soldier "inadvertently crossed into...
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    Is it time for Pakistan to Internationalize Khalistan and Support it ?

    The other day I was watching video where many Sikhs across the globe are demanding for Pakistan to support their cause to raise "Khalistan" Issue. Pakistan being the most sacred land for Sikh and Sikhism we have naturally bondage with Sikhs. Nanka Sahab, Pakistan is considered as Makkah for...
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    What if Pakistan & India were together ?

    Alert! before you people start grilling me for this title "What if Pakistan & India were together ?" or even start trolling. Lets just assume, what would be the scenario if we both (India & Pakistan) were together or could form a union. I know this is nearly impossible but just for the sake of...
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    Everyone one PDF lets play this addtictive game.

    Ok, recently this game has consumed big part of my daily routine. The game is so addictive that I can't stop playing it, These is kind of strategic game but completely different. Its called Agar.io basically you are a little cell and you have to eat others to become big, everyone comes to one...
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    Bangladeshi PM alleges quarter-final was manipulated to tailor India's win

    Bangladeshi Premier Sheikh Hasina says that her country’s cricket team was “made to lose” in the World Cup quarter-final against India. Her comments added to an ongoing controversy over umpiring decisions in the World Cup quarter-final match between Bangladesh and India which the former lost by...
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    #Breaking New, Saulat Mirza Exposed Altaf Hussain and MQM

    Just watching news He has reveled everything. Just before his execution Mirza has exposed that Altaf Hussain is a mass murderer. Edit: He has confessed that He use to get direct killing orders from Babar Ghauri and sometimes directly from Ugly Fat Lord Altaf Bhai.
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    Indian army official arrested for leaking sensitive information to 'Pakistani' Facebook friend

    An Army official, Naik Subedar Patak Kumar Poddar, working in Artillery centre here was arrested by the Hyderabad police on Wednesday on the charge of providing sensitive information to a woman he befriended on Facebook. The woman is suspected to be a Pakistani, official sources said. The Army...
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    Indian Gang Rape Case Highlights Lack of Toilets

    The two teenage girl cousins had walked out together at night, as they did every night, into the wild bamboo fields 10 or 15 minutes from their mud-and-straw huts to relieve themselves. Like millions of families across India, they had no toilet at home. In the dark, they were attacked...
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    ICC Revoks Bengaldesh's Test Status : Breaking News

    Happy April Fools day @BDforever @IamBengali @arp2041 :bunny::bunny::bunny::bunny::victory::victory::victory::victory: HAPPY April Fools day :chilli::chilli::chilli::chilli::chilli::chilli...

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