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  1. Riz

    ICC announced Men ODI team of Year 2021 Babar azam captain no indian player in the team

    King babar will lead the ICC odi team of the year 2021 , no Indian player included in final 12
  2. Riz

    Rumour: A group Khalistani officers tried to hijack Indian navy ship dozens of soldiers killed

    First their airforce killed bipin rawat now fighting erupted in indian navy , terrorists heading towards end
  3. Riz

    Who remembered this day

    Who else want tamgha e bisalat to this pakistani who replied ajay devgan with appropriate response :lol:
  4. Riz

    Remembering Aitizaz Bungish Shaheed

    Boy that i love most and 100 times better then malala Remembering Aitzaz Bangash shaheed. On 6 Jan 2014 a suicide bomber tried to enter a school in Hangu, KP. Aitzaz, himself a student, overpowered him but was blown up with terrorist, attaining martyrdom & saving lives of many children
  5. Riz

    Babar cruise missile 1 B with extended range tested successfully today

    ISPR Pakistan today tested a new version of babar cruise missile successfully
  6. Riz

    This is how Indian military killing kashmiri youth in fake encounters

    In 18 june 2020 indian military arrested a kashmiri youth imran nabi dar from anatnag https://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2020/jun/18/militant-arrested-from-jks-anantnag-2158240.html SRINAGAR: Security forces have apprehended a militant from Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir, an Army...
  7. Riz

    Do the Indian military killing their own Sikh Soldiers in fake encounters who supported farmers protest ?

    Why only sikh soldiers being killed in poonch encounter here is the hidden truth
  8. Riz

    Perfect Head shot

    Today in shopian encounter IOK , freedom fighters scored perfect head shot against a hindutva terrorist occupier soldier of hindustan
  9. Riz

    IST team won the first place in international free mission UAV competition

    Now thats some news :pakistan:
  10. Riz

    Two more indian army surgical strikers lost their lives fighting with freedom fighters today

    Something very bad going on for Indian military in mendhar sector in IOK , two jawans killed in ongoing encounter with freedom fighters
  11. Riz

    Russia has no plans to send anyone to attend inauguration ceremony of Taliban

    What is with this arrogant viladimir putin ??
  12. Riz

    Idiotic Musings Of Bharat Rat-shit & Indian defense forum

    I was planning long ago to create a separate thread where we can share the thoughts (screen shots only ) of the members of bharat rat shit and defense forum india, just for comedy purposes only . Im sure you will lough out loudly on these internet worriers who changed there statements according...
  13. Riz

    Bus carrying engineers reportedly exploded on Wednesday.

    Another sad news I think foreigners were chines engineers, now china will not going to sit idle
  14. Riz

    Twitter showing kashmir part of Pakistan : indians demands government to ban Twitter

  15. Riz

    Pakistan conducts test of Shaheen 3 missiles - ISPR .

    Alhamdullah we done it perfectly
  16. Riz

    Fake News: Indian Army carried out air raid inside Pakistan today

    Ladies & gentlemen Indian TV channels, reporting live now that indian army carried out air raid inside AJK in which they sucked terrorist launch pads and destroyed hundreds of Pak army posts God save us from this mighty banya COW rakshak military of india :rofl:
  17. Riz

    RIP Major Fajarudin

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  18. Riz

    Kashmiri Freedom fighters released video of attacking Indian Soldiers

    Watch how brave indian soldiers running away from the location :lol:

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