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  1. Donatello

    Crypto currency investors

    I am holding TRX for near to long term..........need to buy some more altcoins......Statis, Substratum or Electroneum?
  2. Donatello

    NVIDIA Unveils Killer GeForce GTX 1080 And GTX 1070 Pascal Graphics Cards That Slay Titan X

    @Oscar Several Billion Dollars worth of R&D for just a new architecture? Is that a typo, because certainly Nvidia is a small fab less company and does not have several Billions of USD to spare on R&D?
  3. Donatello

    The F 16 Game---Paf Should Have Had A Different Game Plan

    Yea....but not against India. F-16s will kill as many Indians as they can. So don't worry.
  4. Donatello

    Strike package of PAF F-16 - Fear Factor

    See, that's the bit 13 year old Indian kids with brains of 7 year olds, cannot understand. India has been crying about these 'snakes' for the past many decades. The funny thing is, Pakistan still gets what it wants on the international scene. The f-16s are coming in to kill such snakes, but...
  5. Donatello

    Strike package of PAF F-16 - Fear Factor

    India tried all the tooth and nail to stop this deal. But couldn't. Instead of wasting millions of USD for lobbying and buying the congressmen, maybe India should've spent that monies on it's own betterment. That should tell you more about the 'clout of India' in the present scenario.
  6. Donatello

    US approves additional F-16 sale to Pakistan

    Why are they getting 14 JHMCS? AIM9X to be expected?
  7. Donatello

    India left "disappointed" as US goes ahead with F-16 sale to Pakistan.

    He will be busy hiding his face somewhere.....
  8. Donatello

    US Hasn’t Taken Final Call on F-16 Sale to Pakistan :Parrikar

    Why not? I was already starting to miss Parrikar the clown.
  9. Donatello

    India left "disappointed" as US goes ahead with F-16 sale to Pakistan.

    There are so many of them, so even if 1 million expired, who would be able to actually notice?
  10. Donatello

    F-16 sale: India’s protests will have no effect on Obama; Pakistan is too vital to US in afghanistan

    India is a superpower but cries every time USA sells anything to Pakistan.
  11. Donatello

    India left "disappointed" as US goes ahead with F-16 sale to Pakistan.

    Don't know how many Indians perished after reading this news...
  12. Donatello

    PAF is in Qatar with JF-17s and Mushaks.

    @Windjammer Any flying demo vids yet?
  13. Donatello

    IAF pilots pop pills to get fighting edge

    For exams and study concentration look for Ritalin. Pretty much most students in Pakistan know about it and is widely available at pharmacy shops.
  14. Donatello

    A Goat Arrested, Then Gets Bail In Chhattisgarh.

    India is definitely a very strange country.
  15. Donatello

    Men's fashion tips, clothing, watches, cologne etc

    That Explorer II in my view is a nice watch.....or maybe i just like brown leather more than anything.
  16. Donatello

    Men's fashion tips, clothing, watches, cologne etc

    Are you sure the watch is 100% authentic? Because with on line shops anywhere in the world that is a big issue. Usually i would prefer to buy these from a boutique. Bought my Victorinox SR Commando from a shop as well, even though it was a paltry $800 in front of the Tag. I've never tried...
  17. Donatello

    Guys!!! Is Pakistan in trouble regarding CPEC? Iran offers China

    .......or lose more when the sanctions are snapped on Iran because it didn't comply fully with western regulations. Meanwhile, Pakistan is an accepted nuclear power, if sanctions didn't happen then, they surely won't happen now. The CPEC can run the route easily. But then you must be of stupid...
  18. Donatello

    Round One JF17 - Poor Display By Tejas Took 10 more sec Than JF17 To Go Up

    Indians cannot fathom that their LCA is actually flying, most of them commenting here weren't even born when the project was conceived. Imagine their inferiority complex when the first thing they want to do is a comparison with JF-17. I always hear PAF pilots and engineers compare JF-17 with...
  19. Donatello


    Hain? Bhai Saheb, you would still the need LM and their parallels as the primary contractor because they supply the kits. That again, has to be approved by congress.

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