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  1. thunderkaka

    Do not be disrespectful towards your parents

    Very emotional, specially the ending. Thanks for sharing. May Allah enable everyone to honor our parents before it's too late.
  2. thunderkaka

    Famed Pakistan TV Show Host, Tariq Aziz Passes Away

    @PakSword Please merge threads: https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/tariq-aziz-famous-tv-artist-died-in-lahore.671660/
  3. thunderkaka

    Tariq Aziz (Famous TV Artist) Died in Lahore

    May Allah grant him Jannat ul Firdous, aameen, summa aameen.
  4. thunderkaka

    Police mein aisay log bhi moujood hain

  5. thunderkaka

    Boxer Amir Khan to donate Rs40m to Pakistan for coronavirus emergency fund

    How can overseas Pakistanis donate towards "Corona Relief Fund"? Can someone share a link, please? @WebMaster @Zaki
  6. thunderkaka

    Muhammad Ali talked about his death

    Thanks for sharing.
  7. thunderkaka

    Pakistan to soon become an energy independent country thanks to CPEC's energy projects

    Do you know if work has started on the upgradation of current transmission setup?
  8. thunderkaka

    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

    Is the following true? All Mirage III's and V's are planned to be replaced by JF-17s by 2030. In addition all F-7Ps/PGs are to be replaced by JF-17s by 2025. That's a total of 454 jets. Source: Wiki
  9. thunderkaka

    Fight for your right!: Chinese women thrash man on parking space dispute in Islamabad

    Delhi ready to kill for a parking slot The simple act of trying to park your vehicle can get you killed in the National Capital. The slightest provocation over parking space makes the city's residents fly into a dark fury. The phenomenon of 'parking rage' is a huge cause for concern for the...
  10. thunderkaka

    Pakistan, Iran agree to cooperate in health sector

    This is good news since Iran is a leading country in health sector in the region according to World Health Organization.
  11. thunderkaka

    If we had $$, which fighter jets would PAF buy?

    Plus which country would have refused to sell their jets to Pakistan despite of having the money?
  12. thunderkaka

    If you were the Prime Minister of Pakistan when article 370 was revoked. How would you have respon?

    If you were the Prime Minister of Pakistan when article 370 was revoked. How would you have responded?
  13. thunderkaka

    Pakistan's Energy & Water - News and Updates

    Pakistan solar project to electrify 10,000 houses Islamabad: Pakistan has launched a solar energy project that aims to electrify 10,000 households across the country in the next three years, the media reported. Addressing the launch of Hilton Pharma’s CSR initiative titled ‘Roshni Se Zindagi’...
  14. thunderkaka

    Sri Lanka coach recalls ‘motivating’ Imran Khan from cricketing days

    Rumesh Ratnayake, the Sri Lankan head coach, has turned out to be a fan of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. Speaking at a news conference on Sunday, Ratnayake recalled how Khan had motivated him once during their cricketing days. "At the time I was playing, he had me in his room for 45...
  15. thunderkaka

    Mufti Tariq Masood Respond on Imran Khan Speech in UN

    Mashallah, PM Khan did a good job highlighting the Kashmir issue.
  16. thunderkaka

    China’s CSCEC completes major highway in Pakistan in record 36 months

    https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/chinas-cscec-completes-major-highway-in-pakistan-in-record-36-months.636817/#post-11789407 Pls merge thread. @Dubious
  17. thunderkaka

    China’s CSCEC completes major highway in Pakistan in record 36 months

    State-owned giant China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) is celebrating the completion of the 392-km Sukkur-Multan motorway in Pakistan, built in what it calls a record-breaking time of three years. Part of the longer Peshawar-to-Karachi Motorway project, the highway is the...

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