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  1. Tergon18

    Zainab Tari Soomro, Queen of Sindh

    Zainab Tari Soomro (Sindhi: زينب تاري, Urdu: زينب تاری ‎) ruled as the Queen of Sindh (in modern-day Pakistan) for ten years from 1092 AD until 1102. She was the only queen who had ever ruled Sindh as an absolute ruler. History She was the daughter of the Soomra King Asamuddin Daula Dodo Soomro...
  2. Tergon18

    Punjab and the Rebellion of 1857

    For a long time I was under the impression that during the rebellion of 1857 in India, Punjab remained totally peaceful and there was no disturbance at all. However, as I read more about this event and especially when I focused on Punjab I realized that I was only partially correct. It is true...
  3. Tergon18

    Khawaja Asif's speech against Pak Army generals and their character through history

    Blasts the army for it's disdain towards civillians and everything civillian and their 'arrogance' and role in the fall of Dhaka.This was during Musharraf's time I think.
  4. Tergon18

    The Official List of the Martial Tribes of Punjab (1900)

    The 'martial' or 'agricultural' tribes of Punjab were only fully formalised in the Punjab Land Alienation Act of 1900. The motive behind this new act was stated by C.L Cupper, British official in 1896: 'Punjab lies on the rear of any British army operating in Afghanistan and in the path of any...

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