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  1. Salman Baig

    10 soldiers martyred as a group of terrorists attacked a military check post in Balochistan's Kech district

    My only question when no official confirmation of these attack then ain't we part of the propaganda. Shouldn't this thread should be locked until any official confirmation.
  2. Salman Baig

    Remarrying without Iddat not unlawful: LHC

    I guess heading is misleading and most of us are misinterpreting the news. Ex husband filed Zina case on his wife on which court mentioned " the marriage between respondents will be counter as an irregular (fasid) marriage and not void (batil) as alleged by the petitioner ". It will still be...
  3. Salman Baig

    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    But main point is that this first time a main stream media reported about J-10 induction. I mean this first that its changed from speculation to news.
  4. Salman Baig

    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Dunya news reported today regarding induction of J10 C. Though picture they attached is probably of Typhoon Source: https://dunya.com.pk/index.php/dunya-headline/HeadLineRoznama/633272_1
  5. Salman Baig

    Pak vs NZ: New Zealand team cancels Pakistan tour

    Nz & ICC are racist
  6. Salman Baig

    Pak vs NZ: New Zealand team cancels Pakistan tour

    These are twitter handles of NZ cricket board and their prime minister. Take your anger out at twitter by directly tagging them. @BLACKCAPS & @jacindaardern
  7. Salman Baig

    Locust attack used as excuse to cover up Ten Billion Tree Tsunami scam

    If my calculations are correct than govt need to plant ~55 lac (5.5 million trees) daily for each & every day in their 5 year tenure to meet that target of 10 billion trees in 5 years. Which is unrealistic. Govt sey jab phoocho they say that only 20% is self planted 20% is gifted to people and...
  8. Salman Baig

    Ladi gang thread

    I have been told this by someone who has spend 4 years in that region, Ladi group was backed by Khosa's. In other words khosas used them as their armed wing to terrorize general public. For last few years Ladi group has developed differences with Khosas and khosas being part of ruling party PTI...
  9. Salman Baig

    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    Are members who claimed we didn't went for Gripen E/F route are sure that size of block 3 is same as block 2? Atleast I failed to find a single authentic source/ex veteran saying that block 2 & 3 are of same size.
  10. Salman Baig

    Indian Woman Ties Knot With Her Rapist At Police Station In India's Rajasthan

    It quite obvious from news that both were having affair and when boy refused; the girl filed rape case. So he was forced to marry.
  11. Salman Baig

    India-China Air Force Clash: IAF Pilot Explains Why A Superior J-20 Stealth Jet Will Avoid A Skirmish With Rafales, Su-30MIs

    I agree to article to this extent that j20 if used; will be used for specialized roles. They may not be first choice to go head on with enemy jets.
  12. Salman Baig

    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    AM (retd) Shahid Latif shared a pic yesterday of JF-17 saying Pakistan Zindabaad. Though that don't look like Block 3 from HUD but still timing of tweet was giving hint that BLK3 is around the corner.
  13. Salman Baig

    Why doesn't Pakistan have a speciliazed Riot Control Police?

    Ever heard about ARF? And they exist for last many years. One batch recently passed out https://nation.com.pk/11-Apr-2021/ccpo-inspects-anti-riot-force-passing-out-parade
  14. Salman Baig

    At least 5 workers killed in clashes with police at Ctg power plant

    If possible please do mention country in title if news is not related to Pakistan.
  15. Salman Baig

    Featured Breaking : Pakistan to ban TLP officially

    Now hopefully they will be hunted as Pakistan Hunt terrorist's. And their won't be any distinction of achay or buray terrorists.
  16. Salman Baig

    Featured Breaking : Pakistan to ban TLP officially

    These scums of earth are actual gustakh rasool. I wish not just banned they should be trialed under 295 C.
  17. Salman Baig

    Another retired army men as head of govt institute

    First outcome of this out of merit appointment is here. Col sb is surprised why Pakistan is banned by FIFA. If he would have worked in any sports organization before he would surely have known the answer of this why...
  18. Salman Baig

    2 years in jail, Rs500,000 fine for mocking Pakistani forces as amendment bill passed

    Pakistan is under dictatorship++ Boat licking maafia is doing govt. When they can't put their house in order they pass such laws to shut the sane voices.
  19. Salman Baig

    Why Pakistan is a failed State?

    Today Russian Foreign Minister arrived in Pakistan. Foreign minister of Pakistan a third world country require a separate person to hold umbrella for him whereas foreign minister of Russia brought umbrella with him from Russia and holding it himself. The people who get to top misuse their...

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