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  1. Aneeq Rashid

    BrahMos Storage Complex Under Construction in Halwara

    Who ever gets nuked first is at extreme disadvantage. Imagine if rawalpindi gets nuked. It could effect response time from Pakistan.
  2. Aneeq Rashid

    BrahMos Storage Complex Under Construction in Halwara

    How would Pakistan know that a missile coming towards Pakistan is nuclear tipped or not? Is it better to assume that once brahmos is launched Pakistan could respond with nuke before brahmos even strike.
  3. Aneeq Rashid

    Amid global crisis, Pakistan economy shows resilience

    https://gulfnews.com/amp/business/amid-global-crisis-pakistan-economy-shows-resilience-1.84850859 Amid global crisis, Pakistan economy shows resilience Remittances have piled up to record level to $29.4 b, from $23.1b a year earlier Experts believe that the economy of Pakistan is resilient...
  4. Aneeq Rashid

    If anti-Muslim campaign continues: Naseeruddin Shah warns of civil war in India

    What would pakistan response be if Civil War starts?
  5. Aneeq Rashid

    PAF pays tribute to the ghazi and martyrs of the 1971 war.

    India is almost same size as China the reason for apparent difference is shear incompetence rather than capability. In comparison Pakistan always took on bigger opponents India, Soviet Union and even entire west in Afghanistan. Some people at the top have some serious balls.
  6. Aneeq Rashid

    Top Egg-Producing Countries

  7. Aneeq Rashid

    When A-7 Corsair II Appeared in PAF Colours !

    PAKISTAN SEEKS SURVEILLANCE PLANES By David B. Ottaway April 29, 1987 President Reagan received a request yesterday from Pakistan that the United States lease the nation surveillance aircraft to help it fend off an increasing number of air attacks from Afghanistan. Sen. Gordon J. Humphrey...
  8. Aneeq Rashid

    Exports swell 33% to USD 2.9 billion in Nov 2021

    A). Exports are more then when PMLN was in power. B). Pakistan is exporting rice, textile some other items. But importing oil, coal, cars , diapers. How do you think pakistan exports going to be equivalent or more then imports?
  9. Aneeq Rashid

    Import for the Month of Nov is 8.01 billion dollar, Trade Deficit: $ 5.1bn in the month Alone.

    There is no magic button that is going to increase the export as much as pakistan is importing. The fact is that pakistan export is the highest they have been. I think it is the highest in our history. Unless pakistan find oil well and start consuming domestically sourced products the import...
  10. Aneeq Rashid

    Pakistan Army Aviation Corps - Updated

    I was wondering why pakistan hasn't pursued mi 35 as replacement for Cobra. During cold war mi 24 it was the attack helicopter for soviet bloc and it was no slouch. It is well armed and can carry troops/supplies.
  11. Aneeq Rashid

    Pakistan Army Aviation Corps - Updated

    Does anyone know if Pakistan army like mi 35 helicopter? Does it meet there expectations and may could they get more of them?
  12. Aneeq Rashid

    SAAB offers Gripen at half of Rafale cost, with full tech transfer, local production to India

    May be pakistan plus some other friendly countries together could buy the Saab gripen aircraft along with rights for tot. Pakistan alone may not need that many gripen aircraft but does need another heavier aircraft such as more f16 or j10. In return pakistan could get sweet technology which...
  13. Aneeq Rashid

    Time to create Ottoman Empire 2.0

    Or it could be pakistan empire 1.0. We are the strongest and can easily take central asia assuming Russia and China have no issue with it. We have alot common in language, culture, tradition. With now up and coming regional connectivity we could integrated economy as well.
  14. Aneeq Rashid

    Complete ceasefire agreed between govt and TTP: Fawad Chaudhry

    Pakistan is not the only country with such people US, India have such people. Look at Trump and Russian collusion and that is worse than anything happened in Pakistan. Yet people support him. National identity is lacking in pakistan and in my opinion it should be created and promoted in...
  15. Aneeq Rashid

    PM allowed force use, but military opposed it

    No where it says that military outright refused Imran khan order. Rather its says "According to sources, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa presented all the pros and cons of using force against TLP workers when the political and military leadership gathered to discuss the issue at the...
  16. Aneeq Rashid

    Complete ceasefire agreed between govt and TTP: Fawad Chaudhry

    The problem with pakistan is too many fault lines. Ethnic, religious, various sects and in my opinion no amount of bullets going to solve this problem. Every time Pakistan used force internally it has created more problems. Removing fault lines can only be done through education and...
  17. Aneeq Rashid

    PIA ranked among world's best airlines

    https://www.brecorder.com/news/40131595 KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is now ranked among the best airlines in the world that have the safest operating records after achieving perfect safety ratings from the European air safety watchdog SAFA (Safety Audit for Foreign-Origin...
  18. Aneeq Rashid

    GDP growth rate of over 5.5pc to hurt economy: Shaukat Tarin

    Increasing exports and while reducing imports is the only way. The mindset should be changed to we consume what we produce.
  19. Aneeq Rashid

    Indian Navy Commander Arrested For Leaking Info on Kilo Subs.

    May be in the future defence companies would export water down equipment. First Brahmos, then this and in future p8 posiden.
  20. Aneeq Rashid

    Exploring possibility of importing oil from Central Asia on trucks?

    No one said smuggle it will be legal purchase. TAPI can get delayed it is not even signed yet and it is not easy to build pipeline through mountainous region. As far as naval conflicts, it depends whose side middle east is on if conflict occurs and what the scenario is. During war things don't...

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