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  1. wmdisinfo

    British Lord sets £10 mln bounty on Obama`s head

    A British peer has allegedly announced a £10-million bounty for Barack Obama and George W. Bush, prompting his suspension from the UK’s Labour party. Lord Ahmed denies this, saying his comments about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were misunderstood. It all began with the announcement from...
  2. wmdisinfo

    Brig Ali planned F16 attack on GHQ: BBC

    Major Sohail Akbar testified that Brig Ali Khan had plans to attack GHQ with F16, claims BBC. A BCC report said that it was planned that attack would be carried out during corps commanders meeting. He said that Brig Ali had connived with a pilot of F-16 fighter jet who as per plot would...
  3. wmdisinfo


    Dunya News: Pakistan Brig Ali planned F16 attack on GHQ: BBC Major Sohail Akbar testified that Brig Ali Khan had plans to attack GHQ with F16, claims BBC. A BCC report said that it was planned that attack would be carried out during corps commanders meeting. He said that Brig Ali had...
  4. wmdisinfo

    Pakistan to install air defence system at Pak-Afghan border

    Pakistan has decided to install air defence system at Pakistan border to stop future aggression. According to Dunya News, a comprehensive strategy has been devised to counter any future NATO attack from Afghanistan. The communication between Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force will...
  5. wmdisinfo

    Venezuela pulls gold reserves in West

    Venezuela pulls gold reserves in West Venezuela has begun to repatriate the South American nation's gold treasures held in Western banks in a move to protect the country against economic crises in the United States and Europe, a report says. The shipment of gold arrived in Venezuela on...
  6. wmdisinfo

    Who Rules The World :BBC SHOCK

    This is the most shocking video about financial crisis i ever watched even the presenters are shocked with thier mouths open.I advise u all to watch and listen to what he says
  7. wmdisinfo

    Egypt-Israel accords not unchangeable

    Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf says the country's 1978 peace treaty with Israel, which normalized the ties with Tel Aviv, is not immune to change. "The Camp David agreement is not a sacred thing and is always open to discussion with what would benefit the region and we could make a...
  8. wmdisinfo

    Turkey: Israel, West's spoiled child

    Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Israel is “the West's spoiled child” that has always disregarded decisions made by the international community. The Turkish premier, who is on his “Arab Spring” tour, said in a speech addressing the members of the Arab League in the Egyptian...
  9. wmdisinfo

    The Bitter Truth PAKISTAN

    i am just speechless MQM should be mutahida qatil movement
  10. wmdisinfo


    Now egypt and israel are in a downword spiral. Salutes to Egyptions. Al-jazeera reporting that isreali ambassador accompanied by his family is waiting for a chartered plane to tel aviv from cario airport.
  11. wmdisinfo

    What is possibility of a potential war between US and Pakistan?

    Coming War between the US and Pakistan ! Posted on June 4, 2011 by wakeupbd US, Pakistan Near Open War; Chinese Ultimatum Warns Washington Against Attack ! Obama Has Already Approved Attack on Pakistan’s Nukes rumors say ! According to the London Sunday Express, Obama has already...
  12. wmdisinfo

    Pakistan- Ominous signs of a major new war

    Irish Anti War Movement Ominous signs of a major new war By Justin Raimondo July 11, 2011 I see someone besides myself has noticed all the “leaking” going on in the upper echelons of Washington over our rocky relationship with Pakistan. Suddenly Islamabad is on the verge of being...
  13. wmdisinfo

    Pakistan Vs Israel Boxing Match

    muslim pakistani pathan power in the ring
  14. wmdisinfo

    Jinnah’s Eid message to Pakistan on 18 August 1947

    Here is a text of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhamma Ali Jinnah’s message to the nation on the first Eid in Pakistan – on 18 August 1947. This is our first Eid immediately following in the heralding of free independent Sovereign Pakistan having been established. This day of...
  15. wmdisinfo

    Pakistan shares intelligence reports to China, U.S. disappointed

    Recent reports claimed that despite the strong plea from the United States’ CIA to keep confidential and classified any information about the death of Osama bin Laden, Pakistan secretly gave access to China regarding the American stealth helicopter that killed bin Laden after it crashed in May...
  16. wmdisinfo

    More then 5 THERMO-NUKES lost in US

    US nukes leaking
  17. wmdisinfo

    U.S. War with China “Inevitable,” Author Glain Says

    Outside of the market madness, the biggest global news this week might be China sending its first aircraft carrier to sea. The launch was not unexpected and China sought to downplay its significance, saying "it will not pose a threat to other countries." Still, "it is the most potent symbol...
  18. wmdisinfo

    News about Norway massacre where did that go?

    why is that something which happened in india is still persued today but something which killed more then 7/7 forgotton by the news networks all over the world in 3 days? the difference is mumbai and 7/7 were carried out by suspected muslim fudamentalists while norway massacre was carried out...
  19. wmdisinfo

    China Power Scares US

    Once upon a time the US WAS a superpower

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