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  1. Donatello

    Russian tourist scalded in India acid attack: police

    LUCKHNOW: A 23-year-old Russian suffered severe burns in an acid attack Friday while she was sleeping in the Indian holy city of Varanasi, the latest in a series of attacks on women tourists. Darya Yurieva, who had been in India for about four months, was rushed to hospital after her landlord's...
  2. Donatello

    India's Incredible Shrinking Air Force

    By my calculation, about 79% of India's combat aircraft squadrons and 96% of its main battle tanks are of Soviet-design, a legacy of New Delhi's close relationship with Moscow in the 1970s and 1980s. A country's defense choices can define the shape of its armed forces for decades to come. This...
  3. Donatello

    Eurofighter says Kuwait purchasing 28 warplanes

    Berlin (AFP) - Kuwait has agreed to buy 28 Typhoon warplanes, becoming the third country in the Gulf region to order the combat aircraft, the Eurofighter consortium said Friday. Its statement did not give financial details about the deal, which was struck between Kuwait and Italy. Eurofighter...
  4. Donatello

    Nothing’s Secular in Modi’s India

    A regional ban on selling or consuming cows by forces close to Modi’s Hindu government has traditional Muslim butchers starving—and others worried about the country’s secular future. MUMBAI — The stench of slowly rotting bovine entrails lingers in the air on a sultry June afternoon at the...
  5. Donatello

    Kalam was no great man: Don't let news of death confuse you

    As is usual when public personalities die, there is much outpouring of tributes after the passing of APJ Abdul Kalam. Newspaper headlines have described him as the "people's president" and "missile man". That a Muslim aerospace scientist fuelled the Hindu majoritarian state's quest for missiles...
  6. Donatello

    Indian High Commissioner to leave NZ amid slavery accusations

    The High Commissioner for India is set to leave New Zealand after claims his wife assaulted a "slave" who worked in their kitchen. It is understood India has formally recalled High Commissioner Ravi Thapar. A moving van arrived at his $1.1 million Lower Hutt residence on Saturday morning after...
  7. Donatello

    US House rejects imposing stricter limits on aid to Pakistan

    The US House of Representatives defeated a proposal on Thursday to prevent the Obama administration from waiving certain restrictions on aid to Pakistan deemed to be in the national security interest, The Hill reported. Rep. Ted Poe’s (R-Texas) amendment to the $578 billion annual defense...
  8. Donatello

    IIT-Madras bans student group for criticising PM Modi, his policies

    CHENNAI: In a controversial move, IIT-Madras has banned a discussion forum for students following an anonymous complaint that it tried to spread "hatred" against Prime Minister Modi by mobilizing SC/ST students to question government policies on the use of Hindi and the ban on cow slaughter...
  9. Donatello

    6 cringeworthy quotes by Hindu nationalists

    LAHORE: On April 12, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut had stated that Muslims should be stripped of voting rights. In the wake of the controversy, The Express Tribune presents a list of six quotes by Hindu nationalists that will leave you cringing. 1. Vinayak Damodar Savarkar “It is useless to...
  10. Donatello

    Pakistan-ranked 3rd sexiest nationality for men, in an American women survey

    Irish men are the world’s sexiest nationality, according to a survey by an American “travel dating” website. MissTravel.com claims to have polled 110,000 single Americans to find the “The World’s Sexiest Nationalities”, with Irish men taking almost 8,000 votes from the 66,000 American women who...
  11. Donatello

    8 Assam Rifles jawans killed in a militant ambush in Nagaland

    KOHIMA/GUWAHATI: At least eight Assam Rifles personnels have been killed and six others injured in an ambush by suspected NSCN (K) militants in Mon district of Nagaland on Sunday afternoon. Four other jawans of the paramilitary force are reported missing. A security source said, "A group of 18...
  12. Donatello

    Breathing poison in the world's most polluted city

    By Anu Anand BBC, Delhi Saharan dust, traffic fumes and smog from Europe may be clogging up London's air at present - and causing alarm in the newspapers - but in the world's most polluted city London's air would be considered unusually refreshing. That city is Delhi, the Indian capital, where...
  13. Donatello

    Request for a Turkish Flag

    Dear all, Should we have a Turkish Flag in smilies? About time. We have a Turkish Defence section, and a lot of members from Turkey, some of whom have helped the forum grow. Please let us know your opinion, and i hope the Admins will follow through. Many thanks. @Horus @WebMaster
  14. Donatello

    Pakistan: Shopping spree (1987)

    In the cruel, cutthroat world of the international arms merchants it is always crucial to tell a serious buying expedition from window-shopping. But there are no longer any doubts about the intentions of the Pakistani military delegations currently surveying the arms bazaar. The word is out...
  15. Donatello

    Pigeon with a chip lands in Gujarat, sparks security fear

    NEW DELHI: This is one "kabootarbaazi" that has the Gujarat police, Coast Guard, forest department, forensic experts and now even the Union home ministry, scratching their heads. A pigeon lost at sea was spotted sipping water from a bowl at the under-construction Essar jetty at Salaya shore in...
  16. Donatello

    Afghanistan: new entente in place?

    Pushed by Pakistan-China initiatives, talks look likely between the Taliban and Afghanistan. This could block India’s economic interests in the region Negotiations between the Afghan unity government and the Taliban appear likely, with the Pakistan military prodding the Taliban to agree to...
  17. Donatello

    Minor Collision Between INS Sindhughosh Submarine and Fishing Trawler Off Mumbai's Coast

    NEW DELHI: INS Sindhughosh, a Kilo-class submarine, had a minor collision with a fishing trawler off the coast of Mumbai on the intervening night of Thursday and Friday, the Navy has said. However, there were no major damages to the submarine in the collision, the Navy added. The Ministry of...
  18. Donatello

    India is mad at Russia for withholding info on fifth-generation stealth fighter jets

    The Russian Air Force will take another giant leap toward modernization at the end of this year when it receives the first batch of fifth-generation stealth fighter jets. The Sukhoi T-50, which is a joint program between India and Russia, will boost Russian air capabilities and make it the...
  19. Donatello

    Rich American father buys African man as 'toy' for teen son

    A rich father from Atlanta bought an African man as a toy for his 13-year-old son as the teen was wanted one. Wallace Turnquist, a wealthy local went on a hunting safari to Africa with his son Skyler last year. It was during the safari tour that Skyler found the local people 'funny' and wanted...
  20. Donatello

    President Obama's reply to an Indian girl on Why Pakistan is not labelled a terrorist state

    Pretty level headed reply by the US President. I hope Indians are not going to ask any stupid questions any more to Obama on his visit. *---------------------------------------------* MODs, i do not know if it has been posted before, but if it has, you can delete the thread.

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