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    Help with DHL?

    Hey guys, I've been trying to send something via DHL for a warranty claim. (It a $200 keyboard). Gone faulty n stuff so I wanted to RMA It, the customer support gave me a DHL WayBill. I used it and DHL called me the next day that the package can not go through without any person name on the...
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    Which bank to open account on?

    I wanted to make a bank account for a debit card, and I was wondering which banks do you guys think is the best. Since I wish to mostly use the money for online purchases and e-commerce and stuff. Like steam, and other game stores. Now, what bank do you think is good? Also, what are the...
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    Courage to do Justice | Aasiba BB

    “Cowards die many times before their deaths;/ The valiant never taste of death but once.” — Julius Caesar AT one level, the recent Supreme Court judgement in the Aasia Bibi case is simply about the acquittal of Aasia Bibi in an alleged blasphemy case. But at another level, it is a historic...
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    Karachi's crime rate at an alarming rate.

    15-20 Dacoities and gun point robberies every day. Where is the law? Where are the rangers? The police force? This city is going back to hell.... People arent safe in their own neighborhood anymore...
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    Related to FB page

    Lately more and more posts have started showing up in urdu. Please note that not all of us can read or write in Urdu. And the quality of overall reportings on there have gone pretty much down the drain. Just thought i'd put this out there so you guys...
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    Karachites! need help getting a console

    Im young and dont have alot of knowledge of the city. So where would one find a console? Looking for a PS4....
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    NIC Fees?

    Sooo... I'm abit late on making my NIC, like 3 years or something. Any fees i'll be charged?
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    Info about railway jobs

    I like trains, so dont judge me. Anyone has any idea on the jobs of PR? Need to know all or atleast, something about it since theres virtually no information available. Anyone knows?
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    Blocking all roads but will keep u-turns open: Imran Khan

    ISLAMABAD-Remaining firm on his prior announcements of blocking the roads of the federal capital, chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Imran Khan said on Saturday that he will keep u-turns open. “Yes, we are still steadfast as we were last time on our demands,” he said, speaking to reporters from...
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    Cement Addiction on Rise in Lahore

    LAHORE- After the citizens of Lahore were seen rallying in parts of the city over insufficient and slow construction work in the city, scientists from the US-based National Institute on Drug Abuse (Nida) confirmed that cement addiction has risen multifold in Punjab’s provincial capital. In...
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    FSC. The Reason Why We Lag Behind

    I always wanted to be a doctor. Dean of Medicine, to be specific. The dream of being a specialist, walking around the hospital with confidence like Hugh Laurie was utter ecstasy to me. It was all I ever wanted. There were no doubts of another career, as it had become a universal statement that...
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    Guy Denied Entry to a Famous Cafe in Karachi for Arriving on Bike

    Our society is known for differentiating between social classes — while different religions of the world teach humans to live without the social status barriers, our society chooses to do the opposite. Same is what happened with a man in Karachi when he was denied to dine-in in one of the very...
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    Taking legal action?

    So, theres this work going on at my house. and its been on a halt due to the "thakedar" not doing what he was supposed to do. He's not responding to any calls or anything or paying his workers at all. Neither he is getting the materials to get finally lay down the roof. Its been 2 months, top...
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    Whats the fine for late CNIC?

    So... like a year late or something... Whats the fine? o.o
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    Note: Not mine, Found this on facebook so thought it was interesting.... Source. WHY & HOW CHINA KEEPS YUAN LOW? Very nice views were received. I request the viewers to please read the views of Abhishek Abhishek & Avinash Gulia. Since I have very little to add, edited version of views of...
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    A thought about hitler....

    So Guys, As you know... History is quite complicated. Especially when it is made by either of the victor. Not saying there is or isnt any truth in it. but, Most of it, is left in ashes and modified to suit the propagated needs..... Heres my thought about the hitler and his party. (Dont get...
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    TheNoob in desperate need~

    HELLO PDF! I know this is sooo out of the topic for a forum like this. But as you see. Im a "friend-less" person and not very social to even make one! So, I'll post here the request of help! Recently. I've rebooted my channel (Mainly for video games!) (A week ago) And i've been hit with a...
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    [**** Members Only] Pakistan eCommerce Landscape!

    Summary: In an effort to create a proper online payment system in Pakistan, a survey is being conducted for a clearer picture of eCommerce in Pakistan. The survey can be accessed here: Pakistan Ecommerce Survey - Formstack Details: The survey is very specifically focused on the "type" of...

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