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  1. xuxu1457

    China's foreign exchange reserves reach $3.25 trillion, hitting 6-year high

    We need to encourage abroad investment and spend dollars.
  2. xuxu1457

    Chinese to donate one million metric tonnes of rice to Sri Lanka

    China's rice imports surged in 2021 to a multi-year high of 4.75 million tons while exports 2.6 million tons(China produced 149.5million tons rice in 2021), mainly due to an increase in broken rice imports from India. Historically, China's rice imports mainly come from Asian suppliers Vietnam...
  3. xuxu1457

    Chinese professor urges the government to offer parents 1 million yuan ($156,000) for each newborn child in a bid to shore up the country's birthrate

    In fact, there will be a baby boom in China in the future. The number of people between the ages of 20 and 39 is obviously smaller than that of the last decade, so they have fewer children. But the number of people between the ages of 10 and 19 is significantly larger than in the last decade...
  4. xuxu1457

    Round 2? Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump 2024

    It's not that other people don't give her a chance, but that she doesn't want to go into politics anymore, otherwise she won't give up managing her figure. Maybe she prefers the leisurely old age now. best wishes Hillary
  5. xuxu1457

    Which Book are you reading

    Records of the Grand Historian
  6. xuxu1457

    Round 2? Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump 2024

    she doesnot want to do anything now
  7. xuxu1457

    China may sell Pakistan hypersonic weapon to counter Indian S-400: Analyst

    trump said when the news from 'an expert, someone,solid resource....' are all fake news😂 'An expert on China's military told Defense News last week '
  8. xuxu1457

    China’s GDP per capita reaches $12,551 in 2021, overtaking global average GDP per capita: official

    China is food shortage,i find nothing in market now
  9. xuxu1457

    Why Vietnam’s Phu Quoc is the billionaire’s choice for a big fat Indian wedding overseas

    Indians are very willing to spend money on weddings. It is not clear whether the bride or groom will pay for the wedding.
  10. xuxu1457

    Should Pakistan take "inspiration" from American style presidential system?

    It's a silly idea that if we copy the American system, we will become as strong and rich as the United States. Copying the win10 system from a supercomputer to a 486 computer in the 1990s will not run smoothly, but will be stuck. The American system eats memory more, the running cost is high...
  11. xuxu1457

    My photos from China

    Children have winter vacation, signed up for a winter vacation table tennis club, 43 courses, each for two hours, a total of 2400 yuan, $375.This may be why Chinese table tennis is so good, because it has a mass base.
  12. xuxu1457

    Stupid & Funny from Around the World :Continued

    China:Orders from the United States The number of promotional materials is more reliable than opinion polls.
  13. xuxu1457

    China's critical role in global food security, With less than 20% of the world’s population,possesses over half of the world’s corn, rice and wheat

    bcs other countries doesnot store, they sell wheat and rice China's reserve institutions will buy reserves when prices are too low, prevent prices from falling too fast, and sell to curb price rises when prices are too high. For example, a piece of news in October last year: China Economic...
  14. xuxu1457

    China's critical role in global food security, With less than 20% of the world’s population,possesses over half of the world’s corn, rice and wheat

    China is the largest producer of wheat, rice, fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, but the surplus will be stored. India tries to export as much as possible, such as rice.
  15. xuxu1457

    China's critical role in global food security, With less than 20% of the world’s population,possesses over half of the world’s corn, rice and wheat

    According to many Indian media, as well as Taiwan media, and China Watch, Chinese perspective, ECT,as well as some Western media, China's food crisis, food shortage.😂
  16. xuxu1457

    China's trade surplus surges to record $676.4B in 2021

    just waiting and see The United States only sells two things, dollars, arms. The trade deficit is actually the export dollar.
  17. xuxu1457

    A pakistani praising Yogi

    I LIKE YOGI TOO and someone can say: a Chinese praising Yogi It's amazing. Is he the governor of the local government or the high priest? how does he do this? shouldn't there be a separation of church and state? the statu of unity, Brought business to factories in Jiangxi, China. thank you YOGI...
  18. xuxu1457

    Pakistan finalized Z-10ME Helicopters deal with China : Journalist Sumaira Khan

    Flight global World Airforce 2022 is just a joking, can check Flight global World Airforce 2020 vs 2022, many number didn't change eg: in World Airforce 2020 in World Airforce 2022 China's fighter planes have only added 4 J20s in two years. The type of su30 mis write 315 😂351 Chinese...
  19. xuxu1457

    'Power of Siberia 2' Pipeline Could See Europe, China Compete for Russian Gas

    The trade volume between China and Russia exceeded 140 billion US dollars in 2021. China imports oil, natural gas and agricultural products from Russia and exports industrial products. Russia does not need to worry about the oil and gas market, which, like Europe, is often restricted and tolls...
  20. xuxu1457

    Sharp increase in food prices pushes inflation up

    since US print another more 6 trillions $,Global markets are flooded with dollars, pushing up global prices and global stock markets. The rising prices of oil, raw materials and food are driving up global inflation. When the Federal Reserve begins to raise interest rates in March, the dollar...

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