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  1. War Thunder

    Project Launched to Bring $50 Billion through Tourism every Year

    Pakistani Government has launched projects for establishing tourism infrastructure and promotion to bring $50 Billions per year from tourism. Another project launched to increase fishing and Sea Food related exports by 5 times. (From $400 Million to $2.5 Billion)
  2. War Thunder

    Rice Exports increase by 244%, Textile by 9%, 31.5% increase in Auto Sales

    Pakistani rice Exports have Increased by 244% Textile Exports increased by 9% 31.5% more automobiles were sold in the country
  3. War Thunder

    44% Increase in Software Exports & 24.75% in Pharmaceuticals

    Pakistani Software related exports have increased by 44% Pharmaceutical exports are up by 24.75%
  4. War Thunder

    19251 new companies registered in last 9 months

    Total count of companies registered so far: 139,620 Total count of companies registered before PTI came in: 88,701 Total count of companies registered during PTI's government: 50,919 50,919 companies registered in the last 3 years vs 88,701 registered in the last 71 years. Enough stats for...
  5. War Thunder

    Anyone who moved to Turkey?

    So as I posted earlier, I'm in the process of moving to Turkey and stay there for some time. (I'm working remotely so I can be anywhere in the world). I'm stuck in confusion over whether I should apply and go straight from UAE or should I go back to Pak first and apply from there? Point is...
  6. War Thunder

    Any student looking for part time writing work?

    I know some one who is looking for a part time student writer to write blog articles. Monthly pay is 15,000 PKR. Let me know if anyone is interesting and I can get you people linked.
  7. War Thunder

    Featured Pakistan will plant 50 Million Olive Trees - Rs 500 Billion expected annual income

    Pakistan will plant 50 Million Olive Trees under the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami. 4 Million Wild olive trees would be grafted to make them Fruiting. 10% of the trees being planted under the ten billion tree Tsunami project will be Fruit Trees. (These fruit trees alone could produce enough food to...
  8. War Thunder

    48353 New Companies Registered in 30 months of PTI govt vs 88701 in previous 71 Years

    48353 New companies have been registered in the last 30 months, compared to 88701 companies that existed before PTI took over. 99% of these new Companies have registered online. 30% were registered on the first day of filing the application.
  9. War Thunder

    @Turks in the forum or Pakistanis living in Turkey

    I am considering living in Turkey for a while. I already have my own work and entrepreneurial projects that I can do from comforts of my own home or anywhere there is Internet. So basically, I'll be working remotely, and Turkey seems to offer a fine living experience with lower cost of life...
  10. War Thunder

    Any one with good urdu accent/speaking skills for a Youtube adventure?

    I'm looking for some one (both male or female) with good skills at speaking Urdu for a possible Youtube Channel collaboration. Must have access to a computer/laptop and should know basic video and image editing. (They are not too hard to learn if you are into it). Note: This is not a paid...
  11. War Thunder

    Pink Salt is no longer being sold to India or China in its raw form

    Even Indians have to buy it on premium export prices as a Pakistani imported product now. https://www.amazon.in/Bliss-Earth-Himalayan-Pakistan-Substitute/dp/B07MV5XG78 UPDATE: Updating for all the lazy naysayers who are quick to jump on the hate wagon without doing a bit of research...
  12. War Thunder

    Indian Artillery Engages Pakistan Military Position, Receives Counter Battery Fire

    The world class professionalism and might of the Indian Army is on clear display in this short clip. I'm a fan now :pop::pop::pop:
  13. War Thunder

    Modi Bhagts in Middle East finally making India Great Again

    Just like I predicted last year, the bhagts have finally started winning hearts and souls across the world.
  14. War Thunder

    Coronavirus: UAE passenger flights grounded, malls to close and stay-home order given

    This is sort of a compilation of updates and not a single article so there won't be a link. Please stay indoors, and keep your social contacts to a minimum. Overnight, the Ministry of Interior and the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority made its strongest plea yet...
  15. War Thunder

    Can a face mask stop coronavirus? Covid-19 facts checked

    The truth about how you can catch coronavirus, who is most vulnerable and what you can do to avoid infection Claim: ‘Face masks don’t work’ Wearing a face mask is certainly not an iron-clad guarantee that you won’t get sick – viruses can also transmit through the eyes and tiny viral particles...
  16. War Thunder

    Happy Afghanistan Surrender Day

    Maj. Danny Sjursen Maj. Danny Sjursen is a retired U.S. Army officer and former history instructor at West Point. He served tours with reconnaissance units in Iraq and Afghanistan... Happy Afghan War surrender day, fellas! So began my flippant group text yesterday —...
  17. War Thunder

    Indian chef in Dubai under fire for online threat to rape woman

    Dubai: An Indian chef reportedly based in Dubai is under fire for allegedly abusing a woman and threatening to rape her. Hundreds of people are calling for the immediate arrest of the man identified as Trilok Singh after he allegedly made the highly obscene remarks on social media against Swati...

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