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  1. Humble Analyst


    Most died due asphyxiation not cold It is not hard if people book the hotel in advance, plan the trip, check the weather forecast and government provides travel advisories. Most needed is people should use common sense which is not very common nowadays.
  2. Humble Analyst

    Liberals have crossed all limits

    Ataturk great Muslim leader??? !!!!! He did more than that you are bring polite He did more than that you are bring polite
  3. Humble Analyst

    Pakistan Air Force has raised a new squadron No. 50 ‘Saf Shikan

    Missiles firing can escalate the conflict to nuclear level. As the other country will suspect a nuclear attack and chances of misunderstanding and over reaction are much higher. Missiles are for one time use where as plane are multiple use and multirole.
  4. Humble Analyst

    Pakistan Air Force has raised a new squadron No. 50 ‘Saf Shikan

    Mirage Vs are old true but JF17 is not the true replacement for the role what Mirage V are assigned.
  5. Humble Analyst


    My AR 15 My 12 Gauge semi auto and AR15 Range tomorrow
  6. Humble Analyst

    Pakistani Mango

    Subhan Allah and thanks to Allah we enjoy these fine tastes I love Langra mangoes and Dasheri and Sindhri and Anwar Retol But for me Langra is number one because of that slight hint of bittersweet tase There used to be a type called Almas does it still exist?
  7. Humble Analyst

    PIA plane crash near Model Colony Karachi with 93+ on board

    This post makes it clear that there is a preconceived biased view here
  8. Humble Analyst

    Woman claiming to be Colonel's wife abuses police

    Seriously nothing wrong here? Let us be clear she was abusing an Army JCO so this is her arrogance so please do not make it Army versus others
  9. Humble Analyst

    Final flight - Air Commodore Ahmad Salam Khan

    I happen to meet him in 2016 in Virginia, USA
  10. Humble Analyst

    Prayers for my dear dad

    May Allah grant him health
  11. Humble Analyst

    Sweden Stayed Away from Lockdown and Achieved Herd Immunity

    This is just the beginning see what happens next. Claiming herd immunity is premature
  12. Humble Analyst

    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Well it is more so a question of finances than doctrine. PAF needs air superiority planes, deep strike and maritime strike planes. This does not include close air support planes and they are needed too. Question is how to buy and who will sell? Well he certainly has an ego however that does...
  13. Humble Analyst

    Another 103 sailors from U.S. carrier test positive for coronavirus

    Well the carriers is known what about other units which may have similar outbreaks but kept hush hush probably
  14. Humble Analyst

    What Muslim country is ideologically most similar to Pakistan?

    Possible but appears to be wishful thinking
  15. Humble Analyst

    US CDC's Dr Fauci was no saint himself, though he acted like 1

    Dr Fauci is doing the right thing so I do not know the purpose of the post.
  16. Humble Analyst

    Saleem Safi is asking PA to revolt against Government

    This is a shady character including some others which include Hamid Mir Mujib ur Rehman Shamee and Najam Shethi A lot of anchors role is questionable so whatever they say should be taken with a grain of salt
  17. Humble Analyst

    Will China sell N95 masks to the United States?

    Well it appears US and China both need each other
  18. Humble Analyst

    Will China sell N95 masks to the United States?

    Well China is supplying
  19. Humble Analyst

    Amid coronavirus, China becomes face mask-making juggernaut

    That is called responsiveness and rising to occasion
  20. Humble Analyst

    Was Coronavirus an Engineered Biological Attack on China by America

    Read my post and do not misquote and stop putting words in my mouth. I said both theories blaming one country by other are conspiracy theories. Read the post before jumping to a conclusion you have already made I have one problem and that is you cannot comprehend, let me know where did I say it...

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