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  1. Akh1112

    Ukranian stealth UCAV

    @Quwa @JamD @Bilal Khan (Quwa)
  2. Akh1112

    PAF Inducts Gids Shahpar 2?

  3. Akh1112

    Could anyone help identify this?

    I wanted to know whether anyone has seen this before. it looks like some form of dual use ATGM/SAM, kinda like the Hermes-K of Pantsir. Ideally if anyone has photos or information about this, please let me know, thanks. Theres lots of mainstream coverage about this but nothing proper.
  4. Akh1112

    Wild boar hunting in Pak?

    Hello, Anyone know how i can go about to do this? Its my first time, i live overseas but want to visit Pakistan. Originally a friend of mine was going to take me with him to his family in Kashmir who would hunt boar but that fell through, anyone else know how i can get this done? Id also need a...
  5. Akh1112

    Western Radar/Grifo-E selected for JF-17?

    So, im sure you have all seen the poster at the PAC Kamra stand at the Dubai Airshow. On the poster, they mention they produce AESA radars, the photo of the radar is interesting. It looks nothing like either of the Chinese Radars for the JF-17 and actually looks more like a Grifo-E(antenna...
  6. Akh1112

    Account Approval.

    1) Tell your interests? - I am an aviation enthusiast, i love planes, well, anything that flies really! I am also a big lover of military stuff and computing too. I have a passion for military aviation specifically. 2) How did you find us? I am very into the Pakistani Air Force so i would always...

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