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  1. Goritoes

    U.S. Orders Families of Diplomats to Leave Ukraine

    US has pulled the families of its diplomats out of Ukraine, this is not the admission that invasion is going to happen but I doubt that US would pull diplomats and their families without having concrete intelligence that Russians will invade eventually. @Meengla @Hamartia Antidote @F-22Raptor @SQ8
  2. Goritoes

    A very Interesting Question I was asked today by a coworker

    At my work place almost everyone I work with knows that I am a Muslim, Its not surprising but where I live there aren't many Muslims, so its obvious that I get interesting Questions regarding Islam and other cultural things from them to which I respond to the best of my ability, but today a...
  3. Goritoes

    Suggestion regarding a Gun...

    So guys, Firsts of all I am against guns, specially Automatic rifles but recently the city I am working had a shooting that result in one dead and couple injured, my Wife has been trying to get my birthday present so I thought maybe I should buy a Pistol and take classes to how to safely handle...
  4. Goritoes

    What's with Call of Duty games and their hate against the Muslims and Quran?

    Recently COD's newest release vanguard game has a disrespectful depiction of Quran, being scattered on the floor in one of their zombie maps, makes you wonder it can not be a mistake that people know what they are putting up in a game, and this wasn't the first they did that, in another COD...
  5. Goritoes

    You Are Immune Against Every Disease

    Now read this... "There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment." (Sahih Al-Bukhari, book # 71, Hadith 582, narrated by Abu Huraira). After watching the video about the Immune system, all I want to say is... فَبِأَيِّ آلاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ
  6. Goritoes

    Omar Sharif Passed away in Germany

    Legend comedian Omar Sharif passed away in Germany, Ary Reporting it live... Man, he brought laughter/joy/smile on our faces and today he left us sad/sorrow, May Allah have mercy on him and grant him Jannat ul Fidoos...Indeed to Allah we belong, and to whom we shall all return.
  7. Goritoes

    Suggestions for a new car

    So guys, last Friday my wife hit a chunky deer with my car and my Insurance company instead of fixing the car are now writing it off, they told me its totaled and they towed my car today, Now I am waiting for them to Pay of my finance company to get paid with whatever is left of it I will get...
  8. Goritoes

    Is Jeff Bezos trying to live forever?

    Oh Children of Adam, your hunger for a immortal life has never gone dull, throughout centuries people tried and failed miserably to get an immortal life or to live forever through drugs and substances and other legal/illegal means but failed. “Every self will taste death. You will be paid your...
  9. Goritoes

    Information regarding online Courses

    Hey guys, anyone knows some legit online courses websites? I am currently working in Samsung but the position I am in is something I don't like doing it, although my Primary Education is in Business and Finance I want to pursue a Career in IT or IT management, but because I've heard a lot of...
  10. Goritoes

    London teenager who murdered sisters influenced by satanic beliefs - BBC News

    @waz @313ghazi @Indus Pakistan @PakFactor @Iltutmish @mike2000 is back @Areesh @MastanKhan @masterchief_mirza @GumNaam @ziaulislam
  11. Goritoes

    Share your Hajj Story and How(if) it changes anything in your life

    So this is Hajj Season, as Y'all know and people (Muslims) are going on Hajj and those who are not practicing the ritual of Sacrifice, So how many of you PDFians have been to Hajj ? or Ummrah and how much does it effects your lives, and if didn't then why do you think it didn't? What was your...
  12. Goritoes

    Israeli police arrest Al Jazeera journalist in Sheikh Jarrah

    Freedom & Liberty: Leave the chat United States of America: Leave the Room Europe: Leave the Planet Middle East: Wait what? Meanwhile Israel: Trying to Silence voices that are raised against their Apartheid State.
  13. Goritoes

    For those who are wondering why us? Jawab-e-Shikwa by Iqbal

    https://iqbalurdu.blogspot.com/2011/04/bang-e-dra-120-jawab-e-shikwa.html everyone who is wondering why we Muslims are in the condition that we are today looks like Iqbal in his famous Jawab-e-Shikwa has told us. Every Stanza of this Master Piece is worth reading/understanding and most...
  14. Goritoes

    Are we ready to face the reality?

    With the Report which is due in a week to Congress about the UFO, from the Pentagon and with High level of Officials from almost every major technological Giants such as the USA, Russia, China, and the UK it is seen that now the world is about to be face with this question whether we are alone...
  15. Goritoes

    When CIA lost Radio Active Material in Himalyas

    Interesting thing is that one theory says that Pakistani Agents recovered the Device, but its just a theory... @SQ8 @PanzerKiel @The Eagle @HRK @Bilal Khan (Quwa) @Blacklight anyone knows anything about this?
  16. Goritoes

    Possibility of F-35 for Pakistan Air Force

    Now I know from the title, many of PDFians will be getting ready for trolling me or this thread, You guys almost typed your cheeky one-liners and Indians already bring their old argument of " Where is the money "? Buts let's discuss this notion for what it is worth. I will propose a couple of...
  17. Goritoes

    Writing a book

    Hey guys, I've been trying to give life to the stories that always circulated in my mind, although i wanted to write them but for some reason and lack of confidence on myself i never able to start it, but few weeks ago i finally put 1/3rd of it on a book, but as i write i feel extremely excited...
  18. Goritoes

    Pentagon report gives disturbing details on White supremacists in active military

    @KAL-EL @Hamartia Antidote @MastanKhan @Myth_buster_1 @ziaulislam @SQ8 @Pan-Islamic-Pakistan
  19. Goritoes

    WTH, This is not going to help BLM and black people

    There is a disturbing rising trend of attacks on Asians, and from the CCTV footages, these attacks are done by black young guys on Elderly Asian men/women, what is wrong with these people? a few months ago black people were rioting and protesting about poor treatment and injustice and now they...

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