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  1. Avicenna

    A rising Bangladesh starts to exert its regional power.

    An interesting article by an Australian think tank. Thoughts? https://www.lowyinstitute.org/the-interpreter/rising-bangladesh-starts-exert-its-regional-power A rising Bangladesh starts to exert its regional power DAVID BREWSTER Dhaka is increasingly confident in an emerging role. The rest...
  2. Avicenna

    NYC Bangladeshis- a story

    https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/18/opinions/cab-driver-harvard-dad-coronavirus-new-york-avlon/index.html Cab driver. Harvard dad. Covid-19 victim. By John Avlon Updated 1:27 PM ET, Sat April 18, 2020 (CNN)The streets of New York are filled with ghosts these days. It is spring outside, but the...
  3. Avicenna

    Mover review of the American classic "Iron Eagle"

    The eighties were clearly awesome!
  4. Avicenna

    Defence Update Bangladesh

    Can someone translate this video? I don't understand his proper Bangla.
  5. Avicenna

    Pakistan MiG-17 Spin! | Kaiser Tufail

    Get ready gentleman! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7UJNsNRmZq4uqI3vJ3S5ow/community?lb=UgxSe3ZvXCm92H5n1Vx4AaABCQ @WebMaster Not sure if this is worthy of a separate thread but generally these interviews are GOLD! Please dispose of this post as you wish.
  6. Avicenna

    Hotel Mumbai

    I was at the gym when I saw an ad for this. Hollywood/media is a strong tool to shape public opinion. Interesting timing.....
  7. Avicenna

    Biman Bangladesh Review by Sam Chui

    My boy Sam Chui reviews Bangladesh Biman! He seems to have a soft spot for Bangladesh and vice versa.
  8. Avicenna

    Biman Bangladesh Business Class Review

    A nice review by a fairly critical reviewer. Nice to see.
  9. Avicenna

    USAF F-15X

    Interesting if it happens. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/boeings-f-15x-fighter-good-idea-or-waste-time-40032 Boeing's F-15X Fighter: A Good Idea or Waste of Time? Can it relieve critical F-22s and F-35s to more important tasks? Or is this a multi-billion dollar mistake? by Sebastien...
  10. Avicenna

    RTX 2080 Ti and 2080

    Anybody buy one of these yet?
  11. Avicenna

    Bangladesh Biman 787 at Farnborough

  12. Avicenna

    JF-17 Flight Simulator in works.

    @WebMaster Not sure where to place this thread. Please advise. But for now I will place it here for maximum visibility. I just wanted to link this regarding an upcoming module for the flight sim Digital Combat Simualtor which models the JF-17. The following is a link to the forum discussing...
  13. Avicenna

    Digital Combat Simulator

    Anybody here play DCS?
  14. Avicenna

    F-20 Tigershark

    @Bilal Khan (Quwa) Nice video that you and some PAF retired officials you mentioned earlier may enjoy.
  15. Avicenna

    Richardson resigns from Rohingya refugee panel

    Very interesting article. I wonder why the different factions in the world are acquiescing to this potential genocide. Its like Myanmar has blackmail material on peoples.... AP Interview: Richardson resigns from Rohingya refugee panel Associated Press © The Associated Press During...
  16. Avicenna

    Gripen for BAF! Lets make it happen!

    Gaining an advantage in the sky Raihan Al-Beruni Published at 04:39 PM November 20, 2017 Last updated at 10:56 PM November 20, 2017 Russian MiG fighters have been in the market for decades BIGSTOCK 0 0 0shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Digg Del StumbleUpon Tumblr VKontakte...
  17. Avicenna

    Evidence that Muslims fail to assimilate in the US.

    No just kidding. But read the article. http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-new-jersey-orthodox-20170923-story.html Raids in New Jersey town target ultra-Orthodox Jews accused of welfare fraud. 'What is going on here?' Barbara Demick It was a spectacle nobody in this sleepy New Jersey town...
  18. Avicenna

    Thank you.

    I just wanted to thank the Turkish government and people for caring about the Rohingya situation and offering help and support. May Allah bless Turkey and the Turkish people.
  19. Avicenna

    Trump address to the US people regarding Afghanistan/South Asia

    http://thehill.com/policy/defense/347284-trump-to-address-nation-on-afghanistan-south-asia This will be significant as it likely will reveal for the first time to the AMERICAN PEOPLE increased US cooperation with India. Of course this is being done in the context of Afghanistan. But what is...

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