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    Indian Police beat Kashmiri journalist

    Kashmiri journalist in hospital after police beating A prominent video journalist has been admitted to hospital in Srinagar in Indian-administered Kashmir after being severely beaten by police. Merajuddin, who works as a cameraman for APTN, was hit with a baton in the neck and fell...
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    Indian navy opened fire at Pakistani fishermen

    Indian navy opened fire at Pakistani boat near Qadir creek in Pakistani sea territorial limits on Tuesday. Indian navy opened fire at Pak boat India shoots at Pakistani fisherman, takes away boat
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    Bangladeshi cabbie in NY returns Thousands of Dollars

    Bangladeshi cabbie in NY returns cash left in taxi A Bangladeshi Muslim driver in New York, went out of his way to to track down the person who left thousands of dollars in cash in the back of his cab. He travelled 50 miles to an address he found with the money, to return it to the owner...
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    Indian air force grounds Sukhoi fighter jets after latest crash

    Indian air force grounds fighter jets after crash The Indian Air Force (IAF) has grounded its entire fleet of Sukhoi fighter jets after one crashed during a routine training exercise in Rajasthan state. All 100 such planes have been grounded as the IAF carries out "precautionary checks"...
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    Friday Humour (Not for the easily offended!)

    Hey peeps, I am at work and very bored! Anyone got some funny jokes please?? Please make sure they are not racist though! Apologies if theres already a similiar post to this! Here is one that i found hilarious (sorry ladies, i know its alil sexist)... ........................ I never...

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