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    if you like speed updated

    hey comment on my driving skills pulheez best regards ---------- Post added at 10:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:18 AM ---------- you can watch my channel mutee 100 on you tube as well
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    Did anyone of you remember my prediction?

    Hello nice ppl on pak defence do you guys remember at all that I predicted India win atleast 8 times do you guys remember if you do please let me know best wishes
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    kindly share your fav shers and ghazals here give the poet name too I will add one sher everyday if they let this thread continue Ok hers my sher for today by mohsin naqvi " meri hathon ki lakeroon may ya aaib hai mohsin "...
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    Practical steps towards making a real think tank!

    hello all the respected members of PDF i am hoping if senior members can guide me to knowing what are the practical steps involved in creating a real think tank like not a web based one and if all the funding is arranged for already can any senior members enlight me with his views anything...
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    Kindly refrain from indulging in religious discuessions

    Hi I have been reading here for the last few days that lot of ppl are getting involved in religious discuessions whole issue was sparked after the killing of gov Punjab salmon taseer and lot of people simply don't know what they are talking about except few one member mr Ashiq said if I remember...
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    A chance to win 5 lac Rs

    Hello respected brothers of PDF me and my friends are arranging a cars collectors event in faisalabad 3 cars per person are allowed (MB,BMW,Audi of any class 2005 upwards models only though) you can also enter a single car of the above mentioned car makers we will pay for your fueling expense...

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