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  1. Pakistani_Athiest

    Racist UK

    The biggest proof of UK's racism is them letting us to host neutral matches. Actually UK people are pretty racist ... just count the number of honor killings that have happened because a UK born caucasian daughter married a Pakistani son. On the other hand, we, the Pakistani have been VERY...
  2. Pakistani_Athiest

    Aussie TV exposes chinks in CWG security

    The latest controversy to hit the organisers of the Commonwealth Games is a claim that the security has been breached. Australia's Channel 7 claims to have exposed major security lapses at the CWG venues in a sting operation. The channel claimed its reporter got by security checks at the main...
  3. Pakistani_Athiest

    Poll: Do you think that NOTW videos are a conspiracy against us?

    Please cast your vote so that we know what % of populace thinks what! Thanks! Mods: PLEASE don't delete the thread, I genuinely wish to know what % of people think what. I am sure that .. quite a few of others will be interested as well! Thanks again.
  4. Pakistani_Athiest

    No neutral series for Pakistan - Collier

    David Collier, the chief executive of the ECB, has said that Pakistan are unlikely to be welcomed back to England for any series outside the Future Tours Programme, after relationships between the two boards dipped to a new low following the allegations from the PCB chairman, Ijaz Butt, that...
  5. Pakistani_Athiest

    What do you like the best about the other nation?

    Aye for some peace here fellas. What do you like the best about the OTHER country [NOT yours]. India: 1) Education Institutions: IIT for Engineering, AIIMS for Medicine and IIM for Management. 2) Entrepreneurs of India.
  6. Pakistani_Athiest

    Superstitions . . .

    Okay. One of my very good Indian friends was "seeing" a girl at work. They weren't in love or something, just interested. But the girl's dad rejected the marriage proposal because he had "better horoscope matches". No, it wasn't that their horoscopes mismatched, he just had "better matches". I...
  7. Pakistani_Athiest

    Why are we so backward?

    Why is Pakistan lagging behind THIS bad, despite having many hardworking and smart citizens? I say 'obsession with religion'. Check out the threads. Every thread from Stephen Hawking's comment of extra-terrestrial to cricket to even movies translates to a discussion on religion.
  8. Pakistani_Athiest

    Why do people in subcontinent marry cousins?

    I said subcontinent, not India not Pakistan. So please answer my question. I think that its a prevalent practice in India to marry their mom's brother's kids. I think in Pakistan too such marriages are permitted, coz one of my friends got married that way last year. I did not ask him about this...
  9. Pakistani_Athiest

    World of Warcraft?

    Anyone plays that game anymore? The game ain't so good now I hear. I used to play it in the days of AQ-40, Naxx-40 to Sunwell. Is there an Indian+Pakistani raiding guild?
  10. Pakistani_Athiest

    Why so many Indians?

    I've been to Orkut India communities and other forums as well, but there were never these many Pakistanis there. If this is a Pakistani defence forum, how come so many Indians!??!? I am not saying that there shouldn't be Indians around, still I am curious!

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